Issue No.1  -  17th March 2001
Editor - Eddy Morrison

Firstly, we apologise for not being a well laid out and colourful newsletter. We would like to send you UNITY full of rotating sunwheels; bronzed Nordic maidens and Viking warriors but all you will get for the moment is this boring old text style e-mail newsletter. WHY? Because we can't I hear you say! No the answer is more mundane. We sent out the special first issue as an attachment - in colour - no blond maidens though - and many people EITHER - didn't open the attachment OR asked us not to send it as an attachment because that's the best way for virus bombs to travel.

So here is the first short issue of UNITY and it's in plain boring old Roman text - and thats about the worst intro I have ever written...

We can narrow these down to four primary ones:-
1. To encourage Aryan unity amongst White Freedom Fighters around the world.
2. To bring you news of SUCCESSES that the White Power Movement worldwide is achieving.
3. To start to stop the incestuous and racially destructive backbiting that goes on ALL THE TIME!
4. To help to bring about a great World Confederation of Aryan Unity (phew!)

A DEFINITION - We have often called ourselves White Nationalists/ National Socialists and many other variations on a theme - because the NEW WORLD ORDER (NWO) is now attacking our Aryan folk on all sides and across all national boundaries - we feel the term Aryan Freedom Fighters is a just one. We hope this covers every group, organisation and individual on our growing circulation list.

We would also like to thank those folk who have spread the word about UNITY and told comrades how to subscribe. As a result our lists are lengthening daily!

For as long as I have been active in the struggle against ZOG, (and that's a few decades too many!) - most of the time has been spent by most of the people involved in rubbishing each other rather than attacking the REAL ENEMY. I include myself in this by the way. One grouplet scores a point off another and hey - victory is round the corner. Like hell it is!

"Haven't you heard that HE is a state asset?"
"Haven't you heard that she spent all the Branch funds at Bingo?"
"Haven't you heard that he draws a huge pension from the Special Branch?"
etc etc etc AD NAUSEUM

Sure there ARE rats, spies and infiltrators amongst us. There always will be in any group or around any individual who IS A REAL THREAT TO ZOG. But why spend 85% of our very, very precious time worring about these termites? Our job is simple and single minded - SAVE THE WHITE ARYAN PEOPLE! Nothing else matters. Not personalities; not what happened decades ago; not a persons appearence or habits; nothing matters when the catastrophe RAPIDLY looming over our Aryan folks future is taken into account.

So the next time you e-mail or phone or write to a comrade, bad mouthing another comrade STOP AND THINK! Am I doing the Enemy's work for them? You probably are.

I will leave you in this first newsletter with these few thoughts:-
Aryan Freedom Fighters everywhere - LOVE ONE ANOTHER! Comradeship costs nothing. Malice can last a lifetime. Forgive the petty things that bother you about another comrade. When the enemy is upon us then form hard the shield wall as of old.

Thirty years ago we didn't have the luxury for all this backbiting - today it is SHEER RACIAL SUICIDE to spend your time attacking other Aryan fighters. The day has now come (NOW!) when the backstabbing and intrigue must stop and Aryan Freedom Fighters all over the UK and Europe, the USA and the rest of the World must stand together in this last battle. These are not meant to be empty and vainglorious words. For every one of us who is active in one way or another today - a score at least have dropped out of the fight because of petty insults and slights!

We will be with you again soon - you do not fight alone!