No.10  1st December 2001

We are reproducing below a very recent leader from the UK Daily Telegraph. It highlights the overwhelming threat to freedom of ACTION, THOUGHT and EXPRESSION (F.A.T.E) that now threatens the Aryan nations Europe. This new EU draft proposal is based on the third most repressive regime in history - Germany, which is only beaten in the tyranny stakes by North Korea and Burma.

The European Union draft propsals want to make all race "crime" punishable by a MINIMUM of 2 years imprisonment and they are also targeting two other spheres of major concern to White Nationalists throughout Europe - Holocaust Revisionism, which they want to  make illegal in all EU countries and also the web. Their aim is to close down every racialist site (read every pro-White site) in Europe.

The draft proposals need all 15 EU member states to ratify and it must be unanimous. If just one nation objects against these downright and evil draft proposals then the whole thing will be thrown out. If it goes through then we can say a final goodbye to what's left of
Free Speech in Europe.

If this hideous legislation ordered by the Puppet masters to their controlled lackeys in Brussels then ANYTHING a White Nationalist says could be considered "racist" and subject to prosecution. Even
membership of groups that have a programme on race NO MATTER HOW MILD could be attacked by the legal system of their country OR extradited to another EU country for trial.

We can but hope that one nation among the 15 will see the gross injustice against F.A.T.E that is being perptrated and throw this stinking piece of legislation out.

If it goes through then White Nationalists and National Socialists throughout Europe will have to seriously consider their options.

FIGHT FOR FREE SPEECH - for what F.A.T.E means with every ounce of will at your disposal!


Taking liberties: Xenophobia and the EU (Filed: 30/11/2001)

Hard on the heels of the anti-terrorism Bill comes a new threat to freedom. The European Commission is proposing to criminalise racism and xenophobia throughout the EU.

The new offences, carrying a two-year prison sentence, are defined according to the German code (the strictest) and, once adopted by the Council of Ministers, do not require primary
legislation here.

This proposal should be seen in the context of the European arrest warrant, which would allow investigating magistrates to seek summary extradition of those accused of various offences,
including racism and xenophobia, from any other EU country.

Even though foreign judges could extradite British subjects for offences that are not crimes here, it evidently serves the cause of a European legal system, or corpus juris, to standardise the law.

Hence the creation of these new "thought crimes" of racism and xenophobia, alien to the common law, with far-reaching implications for freedom of speech.

Britain already has laws against incitement to racial hatred and
racial discrimination. More controversially, racist motivation
is now treated as an aggravating factor in other offences.

Few want more anti-racist legislation. Why should the commission criminalise "the belief in race, colour, descent, religion or belief, national or ethnic origin as a factor determining aversion to
individuals or groups"?

Or make it an offence to condone a "war crime", as defined by the statute of a non-existent International Criminal Court? Or to disseminate "material containing expressions of racism
or xenophobia"?

Each country must set its own limits of free speech, by its own lights. Germany's unique history has caused it to criminalise not only the Holocaust but also "trivilisation" of the Holocaust.

Xenophobia, in particular, is seen here not as a crime but as bad manners. Public discourse in Britain tolerates strong opinions, however offensive. Debates about asylum and immigration, or about
European issues, might easily fall foul of the new prohibition.

When Nelson told his men, "You must hate a Frenchman as you hate the devil", he was speaking for a people menaced by Napoleon. Woe betide anyone who quotes Nelson in a future European Federation.

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