No.11   -    7th December 2001

In our last Bulletin we gave out our Aryan Unity new website address as - some folk have told us they are getting 'page not found' when they enter this URL. We omitted to put .html. So if you are having problems accessing the site, please
use the address as follows:-

There is a stack of new articles on the site including special areas for Aryan history and heritage and also an Aryan poetry section. We have also included a White Nationalist Roll of Honour. If anyone knows of White Nationalists/National Socialists post 1945 who have suffered death, harm, imprisonment or harrassment for standing by their beliefs and we have missed them on the Roll of
Honour, then please let us know and we shall consider them for addition. Just e-mail us at

We reproduce below a recent statement put out by Martin Webster concerning the proposed evil and draconian EU legislation to close down White Pride Internet sites and effectively shut down just about every group/organisation the Commission considers "xenophobic or racist" - and the way these twisted liberal EU bureaucrats think, ANYTHING they say is racist - NO MATTER HOW INNOCUOUS could result in a two year jail term and even extradition.

We have edited Mr.Webster's statement to preserve space and alsobecause it refers to the full draft of the EU proposals which we are not including in this bulletin as it is HUGE!  Apologies to Mr.Webster in advance for the few paragraphs we have omitted.

By the same token however, we feel the article below is one of the most hard hitting indictments of the worst attack on free speech that White Nationalists in all the 15 "member" states have had to

The European Union Commission's Proposed 'Anti-Racist" Law

September 11th events used as 'Reichstag Fire' pretext for imposing a "anti-racist' Enabling Act

This law, will not be put before, debated by and voted for by the British Parliament. If it is accepted by the EU Council of Ministers it will become law in all the member nations of the European Community without further ado.

"Crimes" which are not (as yet!) designated as crimes in country "A" can be prosecuted in country "B" where they are so designated. Country "A" will have to surrender its citizens to an extradition
arrest-warrant issued by country "B" without having to pass any test in country "A" 's courts that a prima facie case exists to justify such an extradition.

It is the stated intention of the law that the "anti-racist" laws of all EU member nations must be brought into line with the laws of the country with the most severe sanctions against "racist and
xenophobic crime" - which probably means Germany, whose body of law on this subject are the product of the "de-Nazification" process and are especially oppressive. Germany has a legal tradition with regard to civil rights (established long before the National Socialist era, but still cherished) which can be summed up as follows:

"Anything which is not specifically permitted is FORBIDDEN!"

This, of course, is completely contrary to the English tradition which has it that "Anything which is not specifically forbIdden is permitted".

Here is one example of how the proposed new EU law would work:

If you had a web site which contained any "revisionist", "racist" or "xenophobic" material, even though such material may not be illegal in the country where you reside (say Britain) but illegal in other EU countries (say Germany or France), then the German or French authorities could force the British authorities to facilitate your extradition to Germany or France where you would be held and tried under German or French law and procedures.

Some Euro countries are notorious for taking several years to bring defendants to trial, especially those who will not readily confess their "guilt"! A current example of this is the Greek government's detention of a group of British and Dutch "plane spotter" tourists on a charge of "espionage" in the most squalid jail conditions.

The fact that you based your web site with an ISP outside the EU (say the United States, in which the First Amendment to the Constitution protects free speech) would be no defence under this EU law, which has as its motto with regard to "Internet crime": "If it's illegal offline, then it's illegal on-line!"

A private individual convicted of sending a "criminal" e-mail to a discussion group would have his computer confiscated as part of his/her punishment. All these sanctions would be accompanied by
minimum jail terms of two years.

Here is another example: If a " racist crime" was perpetrated by means of a commercial enterprise (e.g. a printing business producing leaflets, booklets, periodicals or other "criminal" literature) then the business would be put into compulsory liquidation (regardless of how commercially sound it was) and all its equipment would be auctioned-off and the proceeds confiscated.

The above examples constitutes only a taste of the horrors of this proposed Euro-legislation. Every re-reading reveals further views of Hell.

Similar complementary draconian laws are being enacted currently by the British Government ("to meet the challenge of the September 11th terrorist emergency") and also, I understand, in the United States.

In Britain, the anti-terrorist law currently before Parliament includes a provision to outlaw "incitement to religious hatred" much along the lines of the existing law against incitement to racial hatred. This is being justified as a measure to "reassure and protect" the burgeoning Muslim population in the UK and to demonstrate to Muslim countries who have joined the "international alliance against terrorism" that the campaign is only against terrorism, not against Islam. This, of course, is a temporary propaganda expedient.

The fact that such a vast and complicated document was drawn up and put on the agenda of the next meeting of the EU Council of Ministers is a sure indication that the measure was not hastily compiled to meet an unforseen emergency.

This oppression is being foisted on Britain, Europe, America and the entire world in much the same way that the Nazis were supposed to have used the Reichstag Fire as the pretext for stampeding into
law the Hitler's "Enabling Act" which prohibited all political opposition.

Martin Webster.

In the event (or in the non-event) of "racist" sites being closed down - the Editor of this bulletin will be devoting his attention to the promotion of FATE. What is FATE? It stands for Freedom of Activity, Thought and Expression. The editor will be devoting all his political time to fighting for free speech throughout the EU, for free speech on the .net and highlighting the plight of any individuals or groups who are currently being persecuted by the shocking "Race Laws" of their particular country.

FATE now has it's own e-mail address:-

If you know of any White Nationalist being persecuted unjustly for trying to exercise their right to freedom of activity, thought or expression  then please e-mail FATE about it.