No.12  -  Issued December 13th 2001


The editor of this e-zine started off his political life as a "patriot" and a "British Nationalist" - way back in 1967. Since that time I have evolved my philosophy and world view so that I have gradually and gladly thrown false plastic British patriotism and Nationalism overboard - and replaced it
with the much bigger view. That view? National Socialism and Pan-Aryanism.

To quote Lincoln Rockwell on the subject:
(from In Hoc Signo Vinces) "What, in the name of the most elementary reason, is the difference whether Bartholomew Buckingham is born near the Thames, Hans Schmidt on the Rhine, Pierre Dubois on the Seine, Per Olafson in Stockholm, Eric Erasmus in Durban, Joe Doaks in Ponduk, Ohio, or John Smith in Auckland, New Zealand, compared to the question of "Shall there be any more Bartholomews, Hanses, Pers, Erics, Joes or Johns?"

All over the Aryan World, Parties (not Movements!) are raising their heads and trotting out the tried-before-and-failed policies of "respectability", "populism" and tactics and strategy which drop principles and the grounds that "they are vote losers", whilst at the same time these groups look upon themselves as oh so clever in that they are disguising themselves as moderates and distancing themselves from us "crank nutzies" (and I quote one of their "Leaders" referring to me).

Dropping one's principles for the very dubious reward of gathering votes FROM THE WRONG PEOPLE and gaining new members - members who are attracted by the new watered down polices. Members who wear underclothes with their national flag on, or shop with Union Flag carrier bags stuffed with imported foreign goods. People who shed a crocodile nationalist tear when the State
structured "Last Night of the Proms" (in UK) lets them be openly "patriotic" for two hours ONCE A YEAR!

We have seen this before. The moment the chips are down and the Zionist controlled media start screaming "Nazi" and "Fascist" then these new members and voters will disappear like the March Violets they are. The soft sneaky way to victory is NOT the way of the Aryan. We have always
faced the enemy head on and accepted the risks. To quote Rockwell again:- "The only thing to which I can be loyal with any deep conviction - the only loyalty that makes any sense - is my racial, and therefore cultural, brotherhood with my own people, no matter where they happen to have been

Reject the purely geographical notion of "Nationalism" and embrace Racial-Nationalism and Pan-Aryanism which knows NO borders. United the Aryan Folk can survive the New World Order Holocaust which is planned for us - but whilst we play the game of being respectable and wave our bits of coloured National Flags and ignore the great world struggle between the Aryan activists and the New World Order, then we are fooling ourselves, our people and we are wasting, criminally valuable time that we do not have!