No.13 - December 21st 2001 - Winter Solstice

We are issuing this last bulletin of 2001 and in doing so can take this opportunity to wish all our subscribers and readers (or both!) a festive Yule. We have Christians/Agnostics/Atheists/Pagans and
Pantheists amongst our supporters and so would wish you a Yuletide which was an old Aryan feast day celebrating the end of the old year when the shortest day came and the days started to lengthen again.
The Winter Solstice of Yule and the lighting of the Yule logs and bonfires celebrated the rebirth of the Sun, an event very important to our Aryan ancestors.

We have seen much too-ing and fro-ing of e-mails between various sections of the White Nationalist movement on the subject of White Nationalist support for Loyalism in Ulster. Aryan Unity's stance on
this is clear:-
a) We view the Sinn Fein/IRA machine to be internationalist, Marxist and a part of the New World Order of Aryan oppression.
b) We are forever pushing this message to our American comrades a few of who still think the SF/IRA are "nationalist" in the true sense of the word. They are NOT. They are not fighting for national freedom for a United Eire - but should they ever seize power would quickly sublimate a united Eire as another slave state in the ever more powerful EU apparatus of tyranny.
c) We support Loyalists in Ulster because they are (whether they are aware of this or not) fighting OUR enemies in the form of an Internationalist threat.
d) We support Ulster's right to stay seperate from Eire and recognise the great part the Ulster people have paid in supporting Great Britain. If they choose to retain their loyalty to Great Britain, then they should be allowed too.
e) We, however recognise that the struggle to stop Ulster being sold out is ONLY a part of the greater WORLDWIDE struggle for Aryan survival. To view the Ulster struggle as THE most vital part of our agenda is ridiculous. If the Aryan people's freedom and survival as a folk is destroyed then Ulster will become just another unrecognisable part of the great Cosmopolitan mish-mash.
f) The Catholic population of Ulster must realise that support for SF/IRA is contrary to their best interests. We support a programme of education to show the Catholic white people of Ulster that their race comes first and their religion second...
g) We do firmly stand against MINDLESS sectarianism, where Catholics or Protestants are killed or injured MERELY because of their religion. This is just another example of inter-racial warfare.

The term FENIAN is political not religious. Many early Fenians were in fact Protestants and some were of English extraction. Catholic and Fenian are NOT interchangeable terms. We would urge Ulster Loyalists to recognise and embrace the much broader issue of which they are a part - the Aryan worldwide struggle for freedom and justice!

We have, in the wake of the EU draft proposals on race highlighted in previous issues, established a new site championing free speech on the .net and in all countries threatened or undergoing repressive legislation. FATE stands for Freedom of Action, Thought and Expression:- The site URL is

Our own main site is constantly being added to:-  (important to include the html bit)

Racial greetings to all Aryan Brothers and Sisters and a Happy New Year!

Editor:- wolf88