Aryan Unity #14
No.14 -  January 10th 2002

Happy Pan-Aryan New Year to White Nationalists and National Socialists throughout the world from Aryan Unity!

Let us strive to make this a year where we improve Aryan activist co-operation amongst the many, many groups battling for the survival of our people all over the globe against the onslaught of the tyranny of the New World Order.

Bury your differences and united together we will bury the aims of our enemies!


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THE EURO - NWO Eurocrats make further attack on European freedom.

January 1st sees the introduction of the Euro - the new scheckel currency that has destroyed the traditional currencies of many European nations at a stroke. All 13 European states are included in this draconian measure which strikes at the heart of European national sovereignty - worse, non EU
members Monaco, Vatican City and San Marino have had to fall in line. Worse still even some non-EU European states are to adopt the Euro.
Make no mistake, the Euro is one more step in the goal of the New World Order towards eventual Internationalist controlled World Government, when all nations and races will be destroyed.

Aryan Unity supports an idea of "Europe of the Nations" NOT an International Capitalist "United Europe". We oppose all aspects of this fake non-racial Europeanism, be it NATO or the Brussels Apparatus of White Nationalist suppression.

"Europe of the Nations" means Aryan co-operation amongst all European nations against the rising tide that is threatening to engulf our race. "European Union" is a capitalist half way halt on the way to a Zionist controlled world government.


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The idea of Pan-Aryanism as opposed to narrow minded geographicaly defined "nationalism" is gaining ground amongst White activists throughout the world. More and more are realising that the struggle is an INTERNATIONAL one and must be fought on an international scale. Whilst we wave our bits of national coloured flags and fight "brother's wars" against other Aryan Nations - White folk killing white folk - the Marxist/Zionist/Multi-racial Conspiracy controlled by the New World Order  which knows of NO national boundaries. The NWO attacks our Aryan people in every part of their
homelands. Our backs are to the wall. We have nowhere else to retreat too.

Now is the time to take a stand. Now is the time to embrace the Pan-Aryan world idea....