No.15 - 24th January 2001

"You may not be interested in ZOG, but ZOG is interested in YOU!"

The threat to free speech on the .net is still bubbling under. Just because the European Union tyrants had to drop their restrictive legislation, thanks to Italy voting no, we do NOT think this issue will go away.

The EU nearly got its foul legislation through, without Blair, Duncan-Smith and all the other great NWO "democrats" uttering a word of protest. These creatures were quite happy to hand over their OWN people to the new slavery of the EU bureaucrats and their New World Masters.

Do not be complacent - these puppets FEAR and DESPISE the vast infiltration of the Web by White Resistance groups throughout the world. There are now an estimated 3000 plus White Nationalist/National Socialist and Freedom sites on the .net and its growing all the time.

From Russia to Germany to Great Britain, the "champions of liberal democracy" are determined to cut off this new arena for airing our principles. For once they cannot easily police and repress what the ordinary White Aryan can think and feel. For once we have a weapon to strike back at the ZOG/NWO System - and they are pulling out all they have got to try and suppress FREE SPEECH ON THE NET!

Why? Because they FEAR the truth. They cannot handle the truth. They want to BAN any serious discussion on Race and the Holocaust especially. They are trying to use the most repressive laws - those of Germany - as their base line. In Germany, it is ILLEGAL to trivialist the Holocaust. Many of our German comrades languish in jail because they have dared to question the reality of the Holocaust which is now written in letters a hundred foot high in the history books shoved down the throats of our children throughout the White World.

a) Suggest the diary of Anne Frank is a blatant forgery - JAIL!
b) Suggest that there were NO gas chambers at Auschwitz - JAIL!
c) Suggest that the pictures of thousands of skeletal bodies were not gassed victims but victims of a typhus epedemic in Belsen - JAIL!
d) Suggest there is a difference between races which is genetic - JAIL!

The list is endless and the creatures who control the New World Order and direct the World Conspiracy to enslave and destroy all races and nations will not be satisfied until White Nationalism is banned from the .net.

Aryan Unity calls on all readers to agitate and bring awareness to everyone they can about how their freedom of speech is to be banned. Don't let them get away with it! Fight back against the world tyranny.


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