No. 16 - 2nd February 2002

It is a constant source of amazement to me how much time White Nationalists spend slagging off other White Nationalist groups and/or individuals. If just 10% of the hot air; lies and general abuse which is directed by one "comrade" against another was directed against the real enemy - ZOG and the New World Order, we would be much further on as a worldwide movement.

Checking over e-mails this week I made a rough count - over 20% of the e-mails I received were attacks against White Nationalists by other White Nationalists. Now I know I am as guilty as the next man and cannot say I "like" everybody in the Movement. But I can say that I am willing to put personal differences to one side when the greater good of the Cause itself is at stake (and isn't this nearly always the case?)

In the UK at the moment the greatest row is going on over the way Nick Griffin is leading the British National Party - of which I am still proud to say I was a founder member. I could fill page after page with invective against what I personally believe to be a totally misguided and misconceived
experiment. But what good would it do? At some time in the future, as the racial situation, not only in Britain but all over the White world deteriorates even further - ALL true White Nationalists and National Socialists (I make this distinction for I hold that whilst EVERY National Socialist is a White Nationalist, the reverse it not always the case) - will be FORCED to work and fight along side of each other WHATEVER past differences, because the very survival of our people depends upon it.

In the midde of the Battle of Waterloo, did the Royal Scots Greys refuse to support the Dutch infantry? No - they faced the French opposition as a united body. They may have been knocking each other over the head in the taverns of Belgium the night before, but the next day, faced with the
onslaught of Napoleon, they fought and died together.

On the reverse side of the coin, at the last battle fought on British soil, Culloden Moor in Scotland, what contributed greatly to the defeat of the Scots was the resentment of the Clan MacDonald at being given the wrong wing of the Jacobite army. They charged on their own in a fit of pique and were slaughtered to a man. A fate which soon befell the rest of the Clansmen!

Is it TOO much to ask that whenever we are faced with the choice of attacking a fellow nationalist group that we say NOTHING rather than something negative? Instead of piles of invective against other Aryan brothers and sisters, reserve your wrath for the REAL enemy! Aryan Unity knows it is a pipedream for us to expect that all the bickering will go away and that miraculously all White Nationalists will work together or at least respect each other, BUT we will continue to pursue our dual purpose for existing:-

1. Getting Aryan freedom groups all over the world keeping in friendly contact with each other.
2. Educating newcomers who arrive as "patriots" or "geopolitical nationalists" into becoming White Nationalists and hopefully eventually National Socialists.

It is the National Socialists in each and every White group who are the motivating engine for action and ideas - WHY? Because the National Socialists by their greater understanding of the worldwide nature of our struggle are the most committed and the most dedicated of the Aryan freedom struggle!

Eddy Morrison
National Socialist

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