No.17  -  15th February 2002

Despite the fact that Italy defeated the motion in December 2001 at the Euro Summit that would have effectively smashed White Racialism in Europe and driven it underground - for despite the NWO's best efforts it will never die - they are still pushing through the doing away with cross border
extradition laws.

We do not know if "xenophobia" and/or "racism" is included, but Internationalist Puppet Masters who control most of the world's governments are pushing through a list of 32 crimes for which extradition from one EU country to another will no longer entail a hearing before the individual's
national court. He or she will simply be extradited if they break a  law which may not even be illegal in their own country. They can then be spirited away to some tatty Greek or Italian jail, to languish for years awaiting trial - whether they are guilty or not the chance of bail under this Orwellian measure would be remote in the extreme.

Aryan Unity believes in FREEDOM for our Aryan folk in Europe and across the globe, and especially the right to think and act freely. We are as much against (if not more) paedophilia and organised pornography, but we have laws in our various countries to deal with these. We do not need, nor do we want, the EU puppets of the New World Order dictating to us what is or is not illegal in our own country!

Oppose the draconian laws as an attack of Aryan liberties and a move towards a one world state. How long before the benighted "United States of Europe" drags us into a "United States of the World"?

We are against all forms of internationalism and these include:-

* The United Nations and it's attendant organisations
* The World Bank
* International Finance and International Capitalism
*The International Monetary Fund
* The European Union
* Companies which are global in scale
* The World banking system as it now stands

Why? Because in the end, they are all systems of repression and oppression.

In Austria and Germany especially, White Nationalist comrades languish in jail under a variety of charges ranging from "promoting racism" to Holocaust denial. The NWO and it's agencies want to SMASH White Nationalism throughout the world. They say this is because they never want to see another "Holocaust" happen. In other words should a genuine (as opposed to the fake nationalism of Haider, Le Pen and co) White Nationalist organisation take power in any country then per se this would lead to a repetition of the Holocaust YET a the same time they are fining, hounding and jailing these same White Nationalists for denying the Holocaust ever happened, and are suppressing any evidence we present.

In other words, White Nationalists are coming clean and saying not only they doubt the Holocaust BUT ALSO that because they doubt the first one happened, no way could it recur! Why do we spend so much time examining history to get at the real truth whilst at the same time, according to the twisted liberal thinking of the Eurocrats, secretly planning another "Holocaust" should we take power?

The whole thing is nonsensical. Every sane and reasonable White Nationalist and National Socialist group across the Aryan World has worked out a sane, humane and morally correct way of solving the racial problems of their own country, and from the States through Europe, South Africa, South America and right over to Australasia, in other words the whole Aryan World do we know or support any organisation that would repeat the very dubious "Holocaust" solution.

But the sicko, anti-racist liberals have got things so twisted up and become so hysterical about real or supposed racism that they cannot see the illogicality of their "Holocaust policy". Jail White Nationalists if they deny it - and jail them to prevent White Nationalists from recommitting an offence we either doubt or don't even believe in, in the first place! They cannot have it both ways. Either we are a vicious set of future criminals who are set on a path to genocide - which no Aryan Movement is or would condone - OR and more likely, we are the only threat to the New World Order and the ongoing International Conspiracy. This second fact is the most important one.

They will forever beat us around the head with Holocaust tales and though Aryan Unity has been criticised for constantly bringing to light the great question mark hanging over this period of history - ZOG doesn't ignore one of the most powerful propaganda weapons it has. Many countries have a
Holocaust day and their are Holocaust memorials and Holocaust anti-denial laws everywhere.

All we ask is that history and the truth is allowed to speak for itself. Let them debate with us. Let them fight us cleanly as the "great democrats" they are. BUT let us have an end to lies, oppression and suppression!

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