No.18  -  24th February 2002

"The world-wide expansion of the White Race during the centuries between
1500 and 1900 is the most prodigious phenomenon in recorded history."
Lothrop Stoddard


What, we ask ourselves in the jumble of all the Nationalist, Racialist, White Nationalist, National Socialist and Pan-Aryan organisations in the White World today is the precise function of Aryan Unity?

There are many other organisations, especially in the States doing extremely important work on the same subject. When we started Aryan Unity, which we would remind you still does not have individual membership and exists through the contacts of a growing group of like-minded individuals, who write, meet personally, e-mail each other and contribute to our ever expanding website, we had a number of goals in mind.

Firstly, we wanted to educate "Geo-nationalists" - ie - Nationalists who still think that the fight for the very survival of their people stops at their country's frontier, into the much bigger picture of Pan-Aryanism. Pan-Aryanism is a National Socialist concept passed down from our predecessors and put into post war thoughts and words by the American George Lincoln Rockwell.

Secondly, we wanted to have a contact man/woman in each of the many, many White Nationalist organisations throughout the White World. To facilitate co-ordination of aims and ideas and to share information about the constant attacks by the New World Order and its agencies against White Nationalism.

Thirdly, we hoped to organise each year, an Annual Congress where White Nationalists of every hue could gather together from their various countries and cement relations that would establish a World Union of White Nationalists.

Have we achieved any of these aims in the year or so we have been in existence? We think that with regard to education, our website and our regular bi-weekly bulletins - Aryan Unity and White Nationalist Report - have kept many to the radical line we endorse. We also know that many previously "narrow nationalists" have now embraced and accepted the GLOBAL nature of the struggle we are engaged in. So partial success there, but the education of White Nationalists throughout the world goes on.

In the second aim we have again achieved partial success in that we have gathered a mailing list of voluntary subscribers to our e-zines which started at about 20 but now numbers over 1200. Beyond that we know that on the .net, like-minded individuals and organisations are passing our bulletins to their own user groups and circulation lists. One person recently e-mailed us to say he had had TEN copies of White Nationalist Report No.4 sent to him from ten DIFFERENT sources! We have a small number of people in some White countries who are unofficially Aryan Unity reps and spread our message. What we still have not yet established are OFFICIAL AU representatives in any significant White nationalist organisation who will put their name forward as the AU sponsor within their organisation. When we start achieving this we know we will have the real makings of a worldwide contact organisation.

The dream of an Annual Congress is still distant, and can only come when we are assured that enough groups will be represented and that we can host the Congress in a country where our people from all over the world will (if not actually being welcomed with open arms) at least be allowed in.

So Aryan Unity carries on the fight to educate, inform and promote our dream and ideal of Pan-Aryanism. Moslems throughout the world recognise no national boundaries. The same goes for many other races and creeds. We are not saying "Do not put your own country first" but what we are saying is RACE first and NATION second, for without a sound racial foundation, no nation can be a worthwhile entity.

We have recently formed an Aryan Unity/WNR user group at Please feel free to join. We have now started to MODERATE the postings and are filtering out a lot of the junk mail which was being sent. If you join, within reason you will only receive e-mails that we feel are worthwhile. We had reds and multi-racialists spamming the group when we first started it, as a result of which some people unsubscribed not because they didn't agree with AU/WNR but because the sheer volume was getting ridiculous. So rather than close the group we now check each e-mail before it is posted to you. Of course this does not mean we agree with every post but in the interests of healthy debate we shall keep it as open as is practical.

If you would rather have just one e-mail a day, then we can arrange for you to receive a daily round up of the postings. That's just ONE e-mail instead of many and you still get to know what's going on. Please let us know if you prefer this option.

In addition to the Yahoo group mentioned above you can now subscribe to Aryan Unity and White Nationalist Report by using the sign-up feature on the Aryan Unity site.
Go to and click on the link at the foot of the contents page. The only posts you will receive are official ones from Aryan Unity/WNR.

ARYAN UNITY does not support any particular political party but will give space and coverage to all groups and individuals engaged in the White Nationalist struggle. We are encouraged that we can develop a POLITICAL existence in the same way that "Blood and Honour" whom we most definitely
support, has spread from its UK homeland and now exists in many countries across the world, carrying its message through White music. We would encourage AU groups in other countries to come into existence. They would be loosely connected to ourselves but otherwise autonomous as we know that different nations, have more or less oppressive laws, making the work of these AU groups harder or easier as the case may be.

This is the title of a new article on our main site. We have produced this at the request of our our many Slavic supporters, especially those in Poland, Russia and Serbia. Some genuine White Nationalists still labour under the illusion that for some reason the Slavic people are not a part of the greater Aryan folk. They are, being just one of the many waves of Aryans to sweep westwards through Europe. A good example (I think!) would be of the Wallachian Slavic Prince, Vlad Dracul (on whom the Dracula myth is based), though blood thirsty, he is also recognised as a hero as he held back the Turkish Muslim tide then threatening to overrun South Eastern Europe and died in battle at the head of his White Slavic army. (And before we receive any e-mails on this subject - NO we are NOT pro-vampire! lol)

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