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#19 - Saturday 9th March 2002
1. The Swiss Vote
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6. Dutch Far Right election victories
7. Croatian Nationalist's book

The Swiss Vote!

by A.H. Krieg

(Reprinted with acknowledgments to

The effect of propaganda on the Swiss population Americans, and the world as a whole in the last three decades have been an astounding success!

I emigrated to America in 1952 and except for a stint in the U.S. Army my country of residence is America. Oh, I lived in Germany, Mexico, and a dozen different states, but was since that time always a U.S. resident; it's where I paid my taxes, where my heart was. It will come as surprise to my American readers that the political left who is so well established here has been making great gains in Switzerland. The international triad of CFR, TC, and Bilderbergers are well established in both nations, where they are doing their best to destroy any remaining republican values. The fact that the entire media in America and a substantial portion of it in Switzerland is under their control should not surprise you.

The most blatantly inviolate act in both nations is the state propaganda apparatus that beats the drums for causes championed by the state incessantly. These bloated bureaucrats spend your tax money in an incestuous never ending campaign to have you think, act, behave, and respond to their dictums. In America we are subjected to bulletins, brochures, radio and TV programs always touting the bureaucrats line. The same is true of the Swiss bureaucracy that sends out a monthly newsletter from Bern to influence Swiss ex-patriots to vote for programs that they want. There is absolutely no consideration of any second opinion, or any differing idea. We are and have been relentlessly propagandized to; join the UN, join NATO, join the EU; we have been told that the world will end for Switzerland if these things do not come to pass. Well, rubbish!

The actual fact is quite the opposite; Switzerland's long-standing neutrality will be substantially infringed when the Confederation joins the UN later this year. There are no benefits to membership for the citizen as all of us living in America have learned. The primary and first noticeable change will be a substantial increase in assessments paid by Switzerland to the UN, and the corresponding increase in tax payments by individual Swiss citizens. I lived in New York for over 20 years and let me tell you that the most overplayed and laziest people in New York all work for the UN. Consultants and there are thousands of them, love working for an agency that is thoroughly corrupt, hands out money like a drunk Indian, and has no visible oversight on any such matters. Things are so bad that a UN activist or member can actually live in New York and never spend any money on food providing you have the right contacts at the UN. There is a never-ending party providing food and drink 24 hours a day for those in the know. If you are on a higher level you need not consider such mundane matters as food or health care all are provided gratis.

Then we have to consider all the wonderful services provided UN employees, above and beyond payroll, and normal benefits. Parking privileges, restaurant services, barbershops, shoe polishing, helicopter and chauffeur services, secretarial, and even massage is available. The lists of special privileges for those in the right position are in fact endless. Any not available can be had by any of all those contractors and consultants, who in order to maintain their contracts are more than agreeable to provide anything required by anyone. Tales of woe are abundant but never published in any mainstream media source. Salaries at the UN headquarters in NY are on average 25 to 40% above those normally paid in NY City. The benefits as before touted exceed any available form any other employer in America.

As to the question why? Why are the bureaucrats of the world so uniformly enthralled by the UN, NAFTA, EU, and FTAA? (1) I have pondered that particular question at length and believe that I have found the answer. All bureaucrats have the desire to advance in their occupation, which consist primarily of shuffling papers around and making life miserable for the rest of mankind. These people it must be remembered are not producers they are takers. In order to succeed they must have ample chance at future employment by large bureaucracies, so they do their utmost to create as many of these as humanly possible. All of these mandarin staffed agencies do not provide anything of any value to anyone, all they in fact do is waste resources, drive up costs, increase taxation, waste people's time, and start one war after another.

It is an undisputable fact that since WWII there have been more wars than in the previous thousand years. Most of these were the result of interference by one or another agency of the UN in matters that could have easily been settled locally. The latest acts of the UN in the past 25 years has been the relentless attempt to force other cultures into a political mold created by them with which they are in tune. In the words of Thomas Jefferson "To make a man support what he does not want to is sinful and tyrannical" That is the motto of the UN.

UN= United Nations NAFTA= North American Free Trade Area EU=European Union FTAA= Free Trade Area of the Americas.

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JOHN TYNDALL - Current position
In White Nationalist Report No.4, we announced John Tyndall's leadership challenge for the BNP leadership and the fact that we feel that he would rectify and rescue the BNP from the dreadful path it is now commited to under Mr.Griffin. Mr. Tyndall has contacted us and corrected us. He had not yet made up his mind to challenge Mr. Griffin, and is currently reviewing his options. Our apologies to Mr. Tyndall as we indulged in some wishful thinking?  That of  course also means that Mr.Tyndall might still challenge for the leadership  of the BNP, a movement he founded and kept on the straight and narrow for many years. We shall keep you posted through White Nationalist Report.

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Andrew Osborn
Friday March 8, 2002
The Guardian

The Dutch government was under pressure last night after a new far-right movement committed to slashing immigration made widespread gains in local elections and became the biggest political force in Rotterdam, the Netherlands' second city.

The spectacular gains by the charismatic but openly racist politician Pim Fortuyn and a loose coalition of parties centred on the anti-immigration Leefbaar Nederland (Liveable Netherlands) movement come two months before  national elections and threaten to shatter the country's image as an ultra-tolerant society.

Mr Fortuyn favours zero Muslim immigration, wants to cut the annual number of immigrants accepted to 10,000 from 40,000, and has campaigned for a key anti-discrimination clause to be removed from the constitution.

In Rotterdam, where almost half of the 600,000 population are of non-Dutch extraction, Mr Fortuyn captured 17 of the city council's 45 seats, putting an end to the ruling Labour party's post-war dominance. With 34.7% of the votes, Leefbaar Nederland is now the city's largest party.

Bram Peper, the ousted mayor of Rotterdam, said: "I don't know what's going on, but something is terribly wrong in Rotterdam."
AU Comment - We have very MIXED feelings about this "success". A nationalist party led by an openly admitted "queer" has problems straight away at the top (not to say the bottom too!). The LN has some worthwhile people in it, but is still a wishy washy Populist Party. When is a success not a success? We would be much rather be reporting the onward march of the more genuine White Nationalist groups which exist in Holland, Flanders and Belgium. However, the situation in the area is deteriorating to the extent that Popular Nationalists are making headway. When they slip under the coming onslaught of Globalism, then the way is prepared for the "Ultras", the hardline movements which Aryan Unity supports to step forward. This happened in Russia in 1917. The Tsar was overthrown firstly by Liberals who were soon replaced by Social Democrats - BUT the eventual winners were the no compromise, fanatical Bolsheviks! We do not condone Bolshevism in any way but it shows that in the end, as a sytem disintegrates further, the people turn to those with the toughest and most enduring ideology...

We have read many of the writings of the Croatian writer and political commentator Tomislav Sunic. We HIGHLY recommend the book advertised below:-
                          Against Democracy & Equality
                          Author: Tomislav Sunic
                          Binding: Hardcover, XII, 196 pages
                          Publisher: Lang, Peter Publishing, Incorporated
                          Published Date: 01/01/1991
                          List: USD $39.95
                          ISBN: 0820412945

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