Issue 2


Although we do not always agree with everything Mr.Webster says and does, his letter below HITS the nail on the head! THE SUBJECT IS VITAL to the Aryan struggle in Britain. Read and pass on!
The VERY survival of the Aryan struggle in Britain is under threat!

Subject: The Met's political agenda

Sunday March 25th 2001.

To:   The Editor, (Letters Page), The Daily Telegraph, 1 Canada Square, London E14 5DT.


Contrary to the assertion of Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir John Stevens (Letters, 24th March) there is plenty of evidence that police strategy against "hate crimes" is driven by a Left-wing agenda.

The target list of the recent dawn raids was itself a demonstration of propaganda 'spin'. There were three categories of target:

1. Active members of lawful Right-wing political groups.
2. Politically unorganised racist hooligans, mostly in their early teens.
3. Wife beaters.

I am only surprised they did not add paedophiles to a list clearly devised to stigmatise in the public mind those who campaign politically against the imposition of a multi-racial society.

When the Police raided the Newham home of a female member of an organisation calling itself National Front they arrived brandishing sub-machine guns and were supported by a retinue of press and TV camera-crews and crowd of 'Anti Fascist Action' bully-boys. The latter element were allowed an unrestricted facility to scream threats of violence against the already traumatised woman.

Does that kind of scene remind one of a legitimate (British) police operation?

Deputy Assistant Commissioner John Grieve caused an article about the forthcoming activities of his newly-formed 'Race and Violent Crimes Task Force' to be published in The Express  on 8th February 1999. These are relevant extracts:

" . . . intelligence officers will infiltrate Far Right groups . . . other officers will tap telephones, open mail and scrutinise bank accounts and medial records. . . . 'We plan to close down these organisations by using every administrative device available to us,' said a Yard source. . . . Mr. Grieve is aiming to build comprehensive computer files on the country's active racists and their relatives and associates. . . .  'It will mark a sea-change in the way subversive organisations are policed in this country', said a senior detective."

Because those remarks portended a tyrannous abuse of police power, I lodged a complaint against Mr. Grieve. The Police Complaints Investigation Bureau refused to process this, stating:

"The issues you complain of are the result of Mr. Grieve carrying out his duty under the 'direction and control' of the Chief Officer and are specifically excluded from any requirement to investigate."

At the time I lodged my complaint I was unaware that Mr. Grieve had provided himself with an Advisory Panel among whose members is numbered former Communist Party candidate Gerry Gable, publisher of the left wing "anti-fascist" magazine Searchlight, which is linked to 'Anti-Fascist Action'.

Among his many adventures, Gable, along with one Manny Carpel, sustained in 1976 criminal convictions for entering the home of the "historical revisionist" David Irving (disguised as British Telecom officials) with intent to steal documents. Carpel, while still a Searchlight  "researcher", was jailed in 1981 for arson against a Right-wing print works.

At about the time Mr. Grieve was confiding his plans to The Express, Andrew Marr, then a member of Labour's favourite think-tank The Runnymede Trust - now the BBC's Political Editor  - was writing his column for The Observer  headed: "Poor? Stupid? Racist? Then don¹t listen to a pampered white liberal like me . . . "

After fretting over the lack of acceptance of the multi-racial society among white working class people, he declared:

"What then can be done? (Apart, of course, from wide-spread and vigorous miscegenation which is the best answer, but perhaps a bit tricky to arrange as public policy.) . . .

" . . . the final answer, frankly, is the vigorous use of state power to coerce and repress  . . . I firmly believe that repression can be a great, civilising instrument for good.  Stamp hard on certain 'natural' beliefs for long enough and you can almost kill them off."

The government¹s Left-wing agenda - devised by the likes of Andrew Marr, authorised by Home Secretary Jack Straw, and implemented by Grieve¹s Thought Police - is to make the whole of the British public knuckle-down and accept the multi-racial society which was foisted on them, in the words of historian Andrew Roberts, "without any democratic ratification whatever".

Yours sincerely,

Martin Webster.