Aryan Unity - Issue #20
No.20 - 22nd March 2002

"There can be no such thing as a healthy nation if racial homogeneity is undermined"


We are devoting most of this issue to the attack scheduled for this July on the WORLDWIDE presence on the Internet of White Nationalism. The ZOG controlled European Union has got together a malicious set of protocols which, amongst others, are threatening, if ratified in July to close NOT
JUST OURSELVES down but every other patriotic; nationalist; race conscious; heritage; White Nationalist; National Socialist; Free Speech; nonconformist; anti-politically correct site and presence on the World Wide Web.

We make NO apoliges for repeating this message which we stated in the issue #6 of White Nationalist report last week. The message is this - LOUD and CLEAR - the draconian and totally unjust "legislation" (for it overides all national and natural law) is the biggest assault on free speech on the
Internet since it was first started nearly three decades ago.

In November last year, this hideous protocol which would allow prosecution and persecution of White Nationalist in any country in Europe - regardless of where their ISP was located to be prosecuted IF their site/writings/graphics contravened the national law of another EU country,
was thrown out by Italy.

In other words Germany, whose laws against German Nationalist's freedom of speech, border on something from "Alice in Wonderland", found a non-European server being used by a British webmaster (as the Aryan Unity and many other sites are) then that webmaster and probably the ISP as well could be extradited WITHOUT WARRANT to Germany, and held there indefinitely pending
prosecution - even though he or she had broken NO law in their OWN country.

To make things worse, some non-European countries are getting in on the act - notably the United States. Under the cover of banning "hate" on the .net (not love of ones race - its always "hate") - they aim to smash our most powerful weapon to date.

They will not only target White Pride sites - they will also go for anybody championing FREE SPEECH on the .net from libertarians to people who believe in the right of people to express their thought freely no matter how much they do or do not agree with it.

Did YOU really think that the New World Order would sit back on its tentacles and watching the huge growth of White Nationalist sites on the WWW - do nothing? Many groups and webmasters are being totally complacent about this, but Aryan Unity is helping lead the fight against this monstrous attack on both individual and civil liberties.

If people do not want to view so-called "hate sites" (a word that ZOG controlled countries and media love using!), then there are plenty of self-regulating nets in place to stop people accessing these sites. Aryan Unity's site has a huge disclaimer which MUST be read before you should
enter. Nobody is thrusting the messages on our site down anyone's throat. There are buttons clearly marked LEAVE or ENTER!

This is the way to police the net - self-regulation. We post responsible articles to educate, provoke rational debate and encourage our pro-White, pro-love of race agenda to get to as wide an audience possible - an audience that has voluntary and of its own free visited our site.

However it gets worse. One of the words in the still unratified protocol is "xenophobia". If you look up this word in your dictionary it means a morbid fear of different races OR nations. This could theoretically make any individuals mildest comments against another nation to be criminal. A
criticism of shoddy Taiwanese goods being imported into Britain could be deemed to be "xenophobic"!

Getting the picture? You had better be if you still want an Internet that is free from the shackles of the EU's Orwellian Cyber Police. You and/or your organisation must act NOW! Get this message to other nationalist groups. Get it to free speech groups. Print it off or similar and write to your
local/national paper about it. Organisations! Porduce special leaflets about this evil threat and get them out to the general public. Post messages on Guest Books and Forums all over the .net. E-mail everyone you know about the attacks on THEIR freedom of thought, action and expression - or alternatively, sit back and placidly and stupidly watch them destroy us on the World Wide Web.


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