No.21 - 6th April 2002

"It is not the evil itself which is horrifying about our times -it is the way we not only tolerate evil,
but have made a cult of positively worshipping weakness, depravity, rottenness and evil itself."
George Lincoln Rockwell

1. NWO net attack update
2. Israel - No.1 threat in Middle East - quiz
3. Spearhead Magazine
4. Israel invades West Bank - late comment
5. The Aryan Warrior - a poem
6. Comments from Idi Amin (remember him?)
6. Website and e-zine updates

In the last issue of Aryan Unity, we appealed for White Nationalists across the globe to start and maintain the biggest campaign possible against the European Union's draft proposals for ABOLISHING freedom of speech on the .net once and for all. The response to our appeal has been tremendous. Groups across the world - all over Europe, including Russia; the United States; Brazil; Argentina; South Africa; Australia and even Japan(!) have either forwarded the appeal to their membership lists or taken the main item and posted it as their own bulletin of the week/month. We have no problem with this. We do not mind whichever way the message goes out as long as it not altered or added too. (We obviously keep a master copy to check this).
However, the main thing is that the Aryan Unity appeal to defy and defend ourselves against those EU puppets of ZOG and the NWO has been taken up by thousands. We have no idea just how many have read our bulletin directly or forwarded copies of it - we can only esitmate it as in the tens of thousands! This may seem a "claim" but from the extraordinary feed back on Guest Books and especially to our main e-mail address where e-mails at around fifty a day were coming in in support of our fight for free speech, we know it has been widely read and what is more ACTED upon!
The Mind Slave puppets running the EU apparatus for their masters in Zurich, New York and London are still determined to try and get this ghastly anti-freedom, anti-White legislation through. Keep fighting it and keep spreading the message:
How many United Nations Security Resolutions is Iraq in defiance of?
Answer: Two.
How many UN Security Councils is Israel in defiance of?
Answer: Sixty-eight
Which nation is now ranked by authoritative sources on the basis of its huge arsenal of chemical and biological weapons of mass destruction as World Superpower #3?
Answer: Israel
Which of these Middle Eastern Nations has signed the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty: Iraq and Israel?
Answer: None - but Iraq will sign if Israel signs!
When was the last time Iraq permitted the UN weapons inspectors to enter the country?
Answer: 1998
When was the last time Israel allowed them?
Answer: Never!
What American ally in the Middle East has for years sent assassins into other countries to kill its political enemies - a practice sometimes called exporting terrorism?
Answer: Israel.
The answers to this Quiz should be more know to the American and European people before they line up, with flags waving, to attack Iraq!
Taken in part from and reprinted in this month's Spearhead.
This month's SPEARHEAD for April is now available from PO Box 2471, Hove, East Sussex, BN3 4DT.
Rates are as follows for an annual subscription of 12 issues:-
British Isles £24.00
Overseas Surface Mail £26.00
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Overseas subscribers add £2.50 if sending cheque or money order and £4.50 in the case of foreign banknotes.
Spearhead is now into Issue 398 and is one of THE leading racial-nationalists magazines on the market. Its editor is John Tyndall who has sustained its existence through both fat and lean times. It is a MUST read for anyone seriously interested in White Nationalism. Its general outlook is, to our way of thinking Pan-Aryan, as reflected in the article on Israel above. See
LATE COMMENT ON ISRAEL: Israel is now pushing for all out war. Their INVASION of the West Bank and direct attacks again Arafat and other respected Palestinian leaders is tantamount to a declaration of war. The Arab League representing the Arab World recently met to discuss the recent developments. Because of Israel's outrageous aggression, both Europe and the USA could be involved in an oil emargo against them by the oil producing Arab world. We will keep you updated as to a Pan-Aryan view on developments as they happen...

by Wolf88
He stands grimly, with stubbled beard
On a windswept hill. Windblown and cruel
His shield is battered from many fights
His sword, unburnished rests on his shoulder
His yellow hair flies with the incessant rain
His reddened eyes search for the incessant enemy
He fights and sometimes wins
He dies and his sons go on
He stands firmly, clean shaven but older
The hill is gone. A cold flat is his home
The enemy is the same, but so much stronger
His sword, a pen and a computer
He speaks, he writes, he marches
But the dreadful deadmen
Strive to drag him down
He goes on fighting. There is nothing left to do...
This poem and others like it is taken from our new, soon to be released CD-magazine "Signal"
(Whe he was in Kampala - whereabouts now unknown. Please contact us Mr.Amin for more of this great and wise stuff)
Dare as bin a disfamous a tack on di glorious African histry wot I bin going on about at di famous "Reef Lecturous" what I been givin' recently at di Hooniversity of di ol' Kampala. Me dare as di famous world Philospher, like di well known Harry Stottle, Zorba di Greek and not forgetting of course di ever popular Issac Walton, de great fisherman and tinker.
My last lekture was about "How di great Idi Amin invented a whole new way of thinkin'" - the solution been of course dat di whole damn population of di Uganda gotta think about me and not dare dam shell fish selves.
Well dis lekture going down like a long nosed Jew in a shallow swimming pool, wid di students booing and jeering my great lekture, so I calling in di ever popular Kampala Death Squad and day soon calm thins down. I finish di lecture widoubt di word of interruption. I am also delivering di famous funeral oralation at dare mass burying at 7.00am tomorrow
(For more stuff like this - wait for our monthly new e-zine  THE SPARK)
White Nationalist Report - sister e-zine to Aryan Unity Bulletin, now has its own small (we admit!) website, but one which is being constantly increased. At the moment it has only three pages. If you care to visit it, it is at:  Articles and photos welcome. This site will become the UK site of the worldwide Pan Aryan movement.
Our main site is which has some new additions to it
Arminius and the Cherusci
The Religion of Race
Albert Marriner R.I.P
The Animals of George Orwell's Farm
Dictionary of Politically Correct terms
We are also shortly adding "The Six Principles of British Nationalism" by John Tyndall. This is a booklet written in the 1960's but we feel as still much relevance today. It should be on the site this weekend.
The site has just been updated with a multi-lingual (European!) message about the NWO onslaught on free speech.
We are also in the process of putting together a new e-zine called "The Spark" which will be devoted to White Nationalist humour and we will use this to poke fun and lampoon the Old System of ZOG and the NWO - details soon.....we won't be laughing with them - we will be laughing at them!

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