Number 23 - 4th May 2002

"We have our task, and God knows it is a hard one -
the salvage of a shipwrecked world.""
Lothrop Stoddard

As the Liberal Consensus reeled over Le Pen's serious challenge to the established EU/NWO system, a wave of local election results in many parts of Europe saw Populist Right Wing candidates getting seats. Even in Britain with its grossly one sided first past the post election system, the British
National Party gained three seats in the local elections in Burnley on May 2nd.

In Austria, Jorg Haider is set to take back the reigns of power in the Freedom Party after his "semi-retirement". In Switzerland. Holland, Denmark and Russia, far right Populist candidates are making progress.

How are we as radical White Nationalists, who do not go on mouthing platitudes that we are "anti-nazi" or "not racialists" go about viewing the rise of the Populist right? Do we throw in the towel and join forces with the Populists? Do we pack in all together and leave the field open to the
Popular Right wing? Our answer has got to be a resounding NO!

Aryan Unity knows it is speaking for radical White Nationalists and National Socialists all over the world when it says that this Populist wave is but a precursor to a the beginnings of a comeback for the true White Nationalists, the no-compromise groups who are rejecting the Populist line DESPITE their recent victories and are busily organising and waiting in the wings for the opportunity to mobilise the masses and start building a WORLD WIDE organisation of White Nationalists that is capable of meeting the Globalists head on.

No matter how much the Right Populists deny they are "Nazis" and "Racists" they are labelled so. The BNP in the UK had an unprecedented two weeks of media smears calling them Nazis and racist thugs - result, they got stacks of free publicity and three councillors. In fact to quote one resident, a
retired Police Inspector in Burnley "I'm glad Mr. Edwards of the BNP got in but things are so bad I would have voted for Adolf Hitler". The White populace throughout Europe do not need to be presented with watered down policies and glib lies of "we are not racists" - they will vote and support whoever they see as carrying the torch of national and racial liberation - and at the end of the day that is us - the White Nationalists!

Every revolution starts with the semi-radical making or taking a bid to firstly overthrow the old regime (in this case ZOG) and then they are replaced by more and more radical groups (i.e in Russia in 1917) who eventually take up the peoples cudgels and on a wave of true Revolutionary sentiments sweep away the weekend revolutionaries and acceed to real power, with real White revolutionary changes!

We must organise the radicals on a world wide basis to meet the world wide attacks of the New World Order and we must never, even for the sake of passing political expediency, water down our fundamental beliefs. Let the Populist Right as represented by the BNP in Britain and the FN in France, and the other Populists have their day and good luck to them.

Let us remember the example of the Spanish Falange in the 1930's and how although they did all the work for the Right Populist Franco, how they fought and died in the Spanish Civil war only to be be betrayed after Franco's victory. The Falange should have stood back and picked up the pieces. Their legacy for not doing this is a Capitalist - Monarchy run by the oligarchs in Spain.

We must never make this mistake again. Let the Populists have their day, but comrades - neither applaud nor weep for their victories - ORGANISE YOURSELVES!

While all this is going on in Western Europe, the real radical nationalists are making serious ground, especially in Russia. Our White Slavic brothers and sisters do not need to compromise and make no bones about their open opposition to ZOG. The Reds wre overthrown by the milder Commie policies of Gorbachev, then the soft liberals of Yeltsin and Putin. Now as they fail to put Russia back on course, the Radical nationalists are growing ever stronger. They are marching unashamedly on a platform of open White Nationalism towards a New Dawn when Russia may lead the world in becoming the first unadulterated Nationalist state!

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