Number 24 - 18th May 2002

"The destiny of the human race is to widen the gap separating it from the lower races of animals.
Any code of morality which retains its permanence and authority after the conditions of
existence which gave rise to it have changed, works against this upwardprogress of man."


1. The beauty of Aryanism
2. "Exit" scheme in Germany a flop
3. European Protocol on the Internet
4. AU promotes new White Nationalist site


In this world of negativity, where everything we believe to be true  is called a falsehood. In a world where the things we love are turned into objects of hate. In a world where history is continually changed to suit the liberal-consensus. In a world of "peace lovers" who sit planning and waging war against our own people - in many cases, THEIR own people, it is hard to retain and remember that
what we fight for is beautiful.

Today, the greatest possible sin is to be a "racialist". This is fast replacing murder as the worst possible crime you can commit! But what does it mean to us to be a racialist? Are we "haters" or are we a people in LOVE with their heritage and their tradtions and who dream a dream of a future world where there is a place in the sun for our people - the Aryans?

To be a racialist for us, the Aryan fighters for freedom, is simply to recognise the beauty of individual races, each striving along its own path to its own destiny. The greatest wish for a real racialist is not an infantile "hatred" of other peoples, which is negative and counter-productive, but the wish to BE OURSELVES, different and seperate from other races. They have their own histories and their own lifestyles, let them have them. We have ours and we have our own destiny to persue - all that we ask is that we be allowed to do that in peace and unmolested.

What is Aryanism? It is the recognition that White people the world over are a part of a larger race - the Aryan Race, which from time immemorial has been one of the great founders of civilisations and cultures. The Aryans have been culture bearers throughout their long history, back into the dawn of man and it is this of which we are most proud. All we ask of this world is that we be allowed to exist, to live and to flourish. All we ask is to be left alone from the machinations of the Globalists with their "One World - One Race" agenda. All we ask is the RIGHT to live. But remember - rights can only be
rights if they are fought for, and if we give up the struggle to assert our separate identity as a people, then we forfeit the right to demand freedom to pursue our Aryan goal.

Beauty is truth and truth is beauty. Our dream is one of truth and beauty. We must not besmirch it by falling into the trap of being the "racists" that the New World Order would think we are - rather, let us show them, the BEAUTY of Aryanism and the fact that we are fighting for the truest and most beautiful of Causes - fuelled by a deep love and concern for our own people.

West Germany as for some time had a scheme called "Exit", whose goal is to transform German youth who are "neo-nazi" or "racist" into good little Internationalists and multi-racialists through a mixture of bribery and brain washing. The "Exit" scheme is led by a number of renegades, former racially aware youth who have turned their backs on their German folk and are doing ZOG's work by trying to brainwash their former comrades.

What is really farcical about the whole thing is that "Exit" is aimed at generations of German youngsters who have been brought up in a wicked and perverse educational environment where the values of German Nationalism and the very idea of race are daily spat upon and reviled - and STILL these young folk turn away from the lies of the multi-racialist and seek their own National and Aryan identity.

Why then a need for a perverse money grubbing scheme such as "Exit"? Its very existence is an ADMISSION that the whole edifice of post war multi-racial Germany is being rejected by Germany's youth. When they have to resort to this sort of stupidity, then the NWO's scheme is surely falling apart!

We would ask all readers to keep us posted on developments both in their own countries and also worldwide of the  advance of the European Protocal on Race on the .net. To date we still believe they will try and ratify this oppressive and objectionable piece of pseudo-legislation sometime in July this year. We need to be kept informed so that we can in turn inform all the many kindred groups across the Aryan World we are in daily touch with.

Let us know of individual cases of harrassment, persecution and NWO activity against our folk on the World Wide Web  - so that we can help publicise it and keep the campaign going to have this "Protocol" overturned. Its ratification MUST be stopped by all freedom lovers, be they White Nationalist, libertarian or just simply people who want to see free speech exist whether they agree with the Cause or not.

We have, due to the political situation in the United Kingdom began to make some steps towards creating an alternative political apparatus to the existing Nationalist one. Aryan Unity feels and has said so throughout its two year history, that "moderation" and "compromise" and the changing of our basic beliefs is WRONG and not the way forward. We believe that a Movement must be solid in its beliefs and not sell-out for quick and transient victories. To this end, we have established a new
site to mirror the ideas of the White Nationalist Party at Please visit and see what you think of our ideas for a party which is White Nationalist and Corporate-State aligned.

We would again like to thank our comrades at ns88 for their great help in providing secure web space and help in this venture.

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