Number 25 - 4th June 2002

"Mightier than the sound of marching armies is
the power of an Idea whose time has come!"

1. NWO Crackdown Begins
2. Met. Police Seek New Ethnics
3. Italy To Take Immigrants' Fingerprints
4. Persecuted For Being White?


The European Council, prime mover for many NWO work, has pushed through an anti-privacy bill, allowing Cyber cops to snoop on e-mails, articles etc. To our great shame, Great Britain led the vote of the fifteen countries. US puppet, Tony Blair led the move, which is the most ant-freedom law
ever-pushed in Europe.

This could be a precursor to even more vicious European legislation. The New World Order is petrified by the Internet which it finding very hard to police. They will attack IS Providers and force them to cough records of anyway they suspect of sending "criminal" info on line. We know what
they consider criminal and they do not. We are a totally legal organisation, but the Cyber Cops could sneak on lint and check any plans for demos etc.

Some Libertarian groups have protested the whole thing but they are weak and not very influential.

This is the beginning of the NWO attacks on all White Nationalists throughout the world. In France they are now trying White French Nationalists for racial "crimes", this includes one comrade who posted on a Canadian Website but was prosecuted under French law!

Unless all Nationalist make a determined stand on this issue, then free speech is dead in the water. Protest now against the Globalist Cyber Police - we one step away from George Orwell's "1984"

Britain’s biggest police force is making an all-out attempt to make it the world’s most racially mixed force. The London Metropolitan police have launched a recruiting campaign specifically at the Asian and Black communities of Greater London. The London Police have said that if they couldn’t recruit enough ethnics from the City, then they would follow the National Health Service's example and bring in recruits from overseas! They are apparently looking for 25% of the force to be non-white.

Such a move if implemented would be discriminatory against the White population of London. The rule has been the best man or women for the job. It seems that all this is about to change with the possible introduction of racial quotas in the UK.

Italy yesterday became the latest European country to tighten immigration laws, through a Bill passed in the Chamber of Deputies.

The bill, proposed by the Nationalist Northern League and  “post  fascist” National  Alliance, both partners in Silvio Berlesconi’s coalition government, calls for the fingerprinting of non-European Union nationals wishing to live in Italy. This victory by the Centre Right has already been condemned as a new wave of racism and civil hatred’, once again the only sort of political swearwords the left and liberals understand!

The liberal consensus is on the run all over Europe, with more and more White Europeans standing up and being counted. Behind these centre-right parties and much more hard line ones (such as the White Nationalist Party in Britain.)

The flags of a “Europe of the Nations” as opposed to the stinking edifice of the left wing liberal “Europe of the Capitalists”, are being slowly raised in country after country.

We salute them but there is still a long way to go to true White Nationalist revolutions in these countries – the centre-right may lead, but we the White Nationalists who are neither left nor right are growing and waiting in the wings.

Then let us know so we can tell your story. Aryan Unity will carry the trials and the oppression of ALL European people being oppressed by the tyranny of the liberal-democrats. Give us detail of your trial or charges against you and we will publish in full. Our Aryan Unity distribution list now reaches many thousands – so tell us about it!

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