Number 26 - 15th June 2002

"We shall have a World government, whether or not we like it.
The only question is whether World Government will be achieved
by conquest or consent."
-James Paul Warburg, a foreign agent of the Rothschild Dynasty,
a major player in the Federal Reserve Act scam, boasting
confidently on February 17, 1950 before the U.S. Senate.

1. Cybercops to get more powers
2. Scotland Yard get Jewish Research group's advice
3. Serbia gives its support to Aryan Unity
4. Stand up for Palestinian rights
5. Anti Nazi League to picket Jorg Haider
6. A survey of White Nationalism in the UK
7. Site additions and alterations


Since the events of the 11th September 2001 when the world witnessed the devastating attacks against the USA by Moslem international terrorists, the enormity of these attacks are now
ever more being constantly used to crack down on free speech everywhere, and especially on the .net. Theterrorist attacks may have shocked the World, but they were an unexpected gift to the
New World Order in that it can now cite the attacks as an excuse to crack down on any group, not just terrorists, and its number one target is White Nationalism on the web throughout the world.
There is absolutely NO evidence, or even SUGGESTED evidence that White Nationalists are engaged in any form of terror campaign anywhere.
In fact we condemn Muslim fundamentalist terror as much as anybody else. Terror is not only morally wrong in that innocent people are maimed or killed but also a fundamentally flawed way of carrying out a political act. It is totally counter productive.
However, the NWO and its puppets, especially people such as Britain's Home Secretary, the ex-Communist, Jack Straw, are increasingly using the excuse of "cracking down on terrorists" to crack down on quite legitimate organisations. They are shifting the emphasis away from "terrorism" to the ever popular liberal agenda of wiping out "hate on the net". What they really mean is that they have become extremely aware of just what power White Nationalists can wield, through the thousands of sites throughout the world on the .net. Suddenly the White Nationalist message is reaching MILLIONS instantly through e-zines such as this; guestbooks and web sites.
People are learning the real truth at last about race, the "Holocaust" and White Nationalism in general - people who would have never come across our message in the first place, so the word as gone out from the NWO - "Smash White Nationalism".

What Straw is saying...
UK Foreign Secretary Jack Straw says campaigners against stronger internet surveillance laws hurt the anti-terror fight. He suggested that with stronger powers, the security services might have detected some of the 11 suicide hijackers who are now known to have passed through the UK on their way to the US.  Again the excuse that clamping down on free speech has to do with terrorism.

Let us look at what some informed computer experts are saying about the repressive Acts:-
But Caspar Bowden, of the Foundation for Information Policy Research, argues that the main methods suggested for dealing with criminal use of internet encryption and cyber policing the .net are fatally flawed: Following the terrible events of 11 September, Jack Straw has described opponents of the internet surveillance legislation he enacted last year as "naive". Both government and broadcasters have framed the debate as a platitudinous "balance" between civil liberties and public safety. But this was always a false dichotomy - the main thrust of criticism against the RIP Act is that it is completely ineffective.
Four methods have been suggested for dealing with criminal use of encryption. Three are fatally flawed, but more importantly, they try to solve the wrong problem.

The Back Door
All encryption would be prohibited except an officially sanctioned version, which contains a secret weakness allowing all traffic to be broken. Flaw: If the secret of the backdoor is ever leaked, the
security of the entire communications infrastructure would be blown wide open and could not be repaired or quickly replaced.

"Key Escrow"
Everybody using encryption must deposit a copy of their key in a huge database. Any particular message could thus be unscrambled, under warrant. Flaw: An encrypted message is like a letter in an impregnable envelope, which can itself be enclosed in another envelope. Without opening the outer envelope, it is impossible to know whether a particular message has already been encrypted with an undeclared key. Moreover, the vast majority of computer scientists believe that a global integrated system to escrow billions of keys is operationally unfeasible.

Power to demand encryption!
The RIP Act gives powers to demand the key to decrypt any message or data,  whether or not a person is suspected of any crime. Flaw: If you are falsely accused and have forgotten your password, you could be jailed for two years without a shred of evidence, unless the judge believes you. An encrypted message is totally opaque - nothing can be inferred about the contents which would help a court rationally separate the innocent from the guilty.
And a terrorist is obviously not going to surrender a key to evidence which would lead to conviction on a much more serious charge.

Attack the end-points
If the computer either sending or receiving the message is accessible, then it can be bugged in hardware software, or possibly hacked remotely. Intelligence agencies and the military are unlikely to trust the police with these black arts, which will need unprecedentedly stringent supervision, since their use would corrupt the legal validity of any chain of evidence. Computer scientists and security specialists understand the seriousness of what is at stake, and have wrestled with these dilemmas for a decade with no breakthrough. The logic for rejecting the first three options is unshaken. The fourth may often be impractical. None of these options can prevent hiding of information or
steganography. Spies and terrorists have long used tradecraft such as chalk marks on a park bench, or everyday language with a veiled meaning. In cyberspace, these equate to an innocent phrase in a
chat-room, or weaving the bits comprising a message into a sound or picture file so it cannot be detected.
Without knowing who and what to look for, it is impossible to screen for every variation. Those who want a nostalgic return to the era of phone-tapping are either naïve or impervious to reason. The only way to stop terrorist cells communicating via the internet is to disinvent it! (ie: they would have to close down the whole World Wide Web!)

Encryption is irrelevant.
The legislators need to understand that the internet is no more guilty than the postal or phone services in aiding terrorists. It is a transport mechanism, nothing more. The problem of unbreakable coded messages cannot be solved by legislation.
But why stop there. Surely if we had listening devices in all our homes, then we could eradicate crime entirely. We could call the devices 'telescreens'.

Internet "race hate" talks
"Offenders" can be tracked from their website Talks on race hate on the internet are being held between an American human rights organisation and Scotland Yard. The Simon Wiesenthal Center, a Jewish group, which reviews 25,000 websites a month, says many promote racism and terrorism, including about 25 in the UK. Representatives are in London to meet senior police officers on Thursday, amid home office concern about the problem. It is hoped this will help the police improve tracking and teach them the tactics used by offending websites. Dr Abraham Cooper, attending
the meeting on behalf of the centre, told BBC News: "We have the full spectrum, from overt promotion of suicide bombing to hate games."
The Simon Weisenthal Centre is based in Vienna and is a semi-mythical organisation with vast funding from Jewish groups and wealthy concerns.
Why do we say semi-mythical. Well, the Weisenthal Centre (named after the paranoid "nazi hunter" Simon Weisenthal) features in such pieces of fictional trash as the film "The Boys from Brazil". The Centre is obsessed with finding ageing Nazi "war criminals" behind every nook and cranny and these busy bodies -who have NO RIGHT to be meddling in British affairs, are being taken on board as "experts" by Scotland Yard in its ZOG directed operations to smash free speech on the .net.

The one country, more than any other, that Aryan Unity receives various messages of support from is Serbia. The latest was from the well organised Serbian Girls League. Why is this? Because Serbia, more than any other country was attacked by NATO with an indiscriminate bombing campaign and knows what it feels like to be on the receiving end of the NWO's world army.
Aryan Unity fights the NWO - so that is why we get so many messages of support from Serbia.

Amidst all the euphoria going on around the World Cup in Japan, remember that every day, Israel, without ANY International condemnation continues to carry out its genocidal policy against the Palestinians. Let us never forget what is going on there!

Anti-Nazi League to try and smash Haider in the UK.
This is the text of a recent hysterical bulletin sent out by ANaL - the state backed Anti Nazi League - again a nasty little group who see fascism in their cornflakes on a morning!

>>RYANAIR or ARYANAIR? Stop Jorg Haider's London press junket!
Anti-racists have reacted with fury and disgust at the news that Jorg
Haider is to host a press conference in London to launch Ryanair's
London-Klagenfurt service. Haider is Austria's leading Nazi
politician: he describes the Waffen-SS as "decent people", praises
Hitler's policies as "orderly" and consorts with violent neo-Nazi thugs.
He is also a virulent racist who claims black people are "naturally
aggressive" and advocates apartheid in Austria's schools. Haider is
coming to London's The Royal Horseguards Hotel on Thursday 27
 June to launch Ryanair's new service. When Haider came to London
in 1999, he was chased away by anti-Nazi protestors. Let's make sure
the same happens on 27 June! What you can do: DEMONSTRATE
against Jorg Haider's Ryanair press conference:
Thursday 27 June 2002 5pm The Royal Horseguards Hotel 1 Whitehall
Place, London SW1A.<<

The truth is Haider is quite a moderate centre-right politician, more in love with his latest hair style or ski trip than with serious White Nationalist politics, but to the people at ANaL who live in the Alice
in Wonderland world of playing "anti-nazi" - Haider is a Nazi. It reminds you of the statement made in the 70's, when Vanessa Redgrave said "Anybody who supports the US in Vietnam is a fascist" So now you know where ANaL will be on the 27th June....

We are constantly being asked by our comrades around the world, what is the situation in the United kingdom as regards the White Nationalist movement in general. They ask us especially about the
BNP. Others point out that unity amongst all racial-nationalists is a priority. We have to point out to all overseas White freedom fighters, that the British National Party AS IT IS CURRENTLY RUN is NOT in
our opinion a White Nationalist or racialist organisation. It has given way on so many key issues to score points with the hated ZOG System and garner  votes from the rotten democratic system , that it
has now purposely distanced itself from the proper stream of White Nationalist thought and action. This is what Mr. Griffin wants. HIS BNP in no way resembles the BNP of a few years ago when led by
John Tyndall and which stuck unswervingly to principles before cheap populist gimickry. Mr. Griffin chases media attention and opportunist votes by selling out some of the very cornerstones of
our Cause.
We cannot and will not espouse the BNP in its CURRENT form. That is why the White Nationalist Party, the political wing of Aryan Unity in Britain has been formed. We are there to give shelter to the many disillusioned BNP members and other solid patriots who might otherwise be lost to the Cause forever!

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