Aryan Unity - Issue #3
Number 3 - 20th April 2001

We have dated this issue as the 20th April to celebrate that momentous day in world history when a man was born who was to be the  main inspiration for most White Resistance groups now fighting against  the forces of the New World Order on a global scale.

That man was of course Adolf Hitler, and his birth on 20th April, 1889 at Braunau in Austria meant that an individual now lived who  could finally give formulation to the eternal force of nature known as  National Socialism.

Hitler grasped in his early youth in Vienna the  essential facts and converging strands, many of them dating back through the long  history of our Aryan ancestors, and formulated them into the single creed of  National Socialism. As he says in his book "Mein Kampf" - "In those years I came  to my political and philosophical conclusions and have never changed them nor  ever will."

Now not all Aryan groups are openly National  Socialist although I suspect increasingly that most are. However wherever our  White folk are organised and fighting back, be it in embattled South Africa, the  rising tide of White Nationalism in Eastern Europe or the repressed forces of  Aryan freedom in the United Kingdom, or indeed anywhere where the NWO attacks  us we owe this man a debt of gratitude!

We owe Adolf Hitler for lighting the flame of the great White fight back and though he may have lost the war and died in the Alamo  that was 20 Berlin in 1945, he lit a flame in the hearts of thousands of new National Socialists. Within a few years of his death, the tenets of our creed  were again being fought for on the streets of London, Washington, Bonn, Paris, Rome  and a hundred other cities.

The late George Lincoln Rockwell and Colin Jordan then picked up the torch, forming WUNS - the World Union of  National Socialists with the aim that we have at Aryan Unity of fostering  cooperation and kinship throughout the white world.

The way to win and the way to fight back have been shown comrades! Through comradeship and not malice will all Aryan Resistance  fighters eventually come to work as one great movement - this is our dream!