No.4  -  3rd May 2001

When I started to write this newsletter it was with the wild and naive thought in mind that the various organisations representing the bulk of White activists in Britain could actually sit around a table at a conference Aryan Unity would be proud to host and hammer out a way to foster both cooperation and eventually a united party. It was done in 1967, when the BNP of John Bean, the Greater Britain Movement, the League of Empire Loyalists of A.K Chesterton, the Racial Preservation Society and some smaller groups actually buried ALL personal differences and formed the National Front which grew in the 1970's to challenge ZOG on a formidable scale.

Now in 2001, with the walls closing in on what's left of our Northern racial homelands - could this happen again? We would be very stupid to think it could. Personality differences and the new "euro-nationalist/populist" image (foisted by one man!) preclude a real eyeball to eyeball discussion on something that 90% of the activists want - UNITY!

Or does it? Is it possible that these same activists could vote with their feet and force the leaders of the various organisations to come to the table and bury ALL personal differences in the interests of the Fourteen Words? Surely the future of just one White child is more important than the petty slanging matches that constantly besmirch our great cause?

It will not happen overnight, but as we have stated it REALLY did happen in 1967, so why not again?  We would add the important overider though that any future united party MUST stick to:-
a) Repatriation
b) Total opposition to faggots
c) Street presence as the racial situation continues to deteriorate (Oldham/Bradford etc).
  The embattled Whites of the UK DO NOT WANT a namby pamby elections only Movement.
  They want a White Nationalist movement that is out there WITH THEM on the front line!

Whatever the outcome, Aryan Unity will continue to hammer away until we create a unity breakthrough - and eventually one too that unites Aryan Resistance fighters throughout the world!

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BNP Chairman attacks Aryan Unity

This item may not further the cause of a united front aginst ZOG but we publish it into the public domain as it does show the attitude of the current BNP Chairman. Why did he bother to e-mail us back if Aryan Unity is so insignificant?

We would also like to state CLEARLY that any united Nationalist Movement in Britain MUST involve a reformed BNP. Aryan Unity has many, many good friends in the British National Party - and we salute them!

On Thu, 3 May 2001 22:18:39

Nick Griffin wrote:

Your "let's not slag anyone off anymore" stance didn't last long did it, Eddy? Come on, attack me and the BNP openly. You're so widely regarded as a buffoon, drunk and police grass that being attacked by you always boosts your opponents' standing.

BTW 90% of the activists are already unified - in the BNP.

To paraphrase the Dead Kennedys: Fuck Off Nutzi Crank


Dear Nick,

I am sad that you have sent such an e-mail, I expected better of you and at least some dialogue. I do NOT agree with the direction you are taking the BNP in. Why can't you debate sensibly and intelligently on that issue?
a) I am not a drunk but suffer from an inherited nerve problem which killed my grandfather and father and one of whose symptoms is an acute allergy to alcohol. If you are attacking folk over their illnesses where will you stop?
b) If I am a "buffoon" then I am in the company of thousands of other honest buffoons all fighting for the 14 words in the best way we can.
c) Police grass? Which Searchlight did you get that from? I have been in active politics since 1967 have have shielded - and been to prison - because I would not and will NEVER shop or grass another nationalist - no not even YOU!
d) I told Mr Webster where he could stick his "Loose Cannon" about the mud he was slinging about your, in my opinion invented private life. For my trouble in defending you as a person I received a truly vitriolic letter and even worse e-mail. I defended you as an old comrade even though I cannot agree with your direction. I am sure that deep down you still have some vestiges of National Socialism in you. No matter how well hidden! The epithets you sling at me are as nothing. Unity is everything. Do not sit back and think the BNP rules the roost or that you can discard and ignore the many thousands of sincere and tough minded nationalists outside (and inside) the BNP. Things have a habit of coming full circle. Yes I did say I wouldn't "slag off individuals" and I never mentioned you name in the bulletin - nor will I. But I WILL fight you on policy as that is what matters. Please Nick, do not sink to Websters level despite differences you are a beter man than him. From one of the "nutzies" whose political forebears smashed International Capitalism for 13 years ....

Eddy Morrison - National Socialist

Special introductory edition 2001
Welcome to the introductory issue of UNITY, which will soon become a regular monthly web based e-zine. The first issue will be with you on 2nd April and thereafter on the 2nd of each month.
What is UNITY?
There are White Nationalists e-zines and news bulletins a plenty, so what we are not is another one.
We represent no group but are part of the WORLD WIDE White Nationalist struggle and thus with very, very few exceptions will give time and space to all groups, organisations, periodicals and individuals who classify themselves as WHITE NATIONALIST.
Our definition of White Nationalist ranges across a very broad spectrum, otherwise our object is defeated. We will give coverage of organisations and individuals ranging from straightforward patriotic “populist” groups all the way through to the ultra radicals, National Socialists and Historical Revisionists.
We believe that if we cut out ANY organisation or individual whose agenda falls within the broad spectrum of our greater Aryan struggle simply because of old grudges real or supposed, then our main purpose is undermined.
Unity of all White Nationalists under a single organisation worldwide is a distant dream at the moment. Unity within one country is even a hard achievement. However, the editor and the handful of those behind this ongoing project firmly believe that after decades of fighting the good fight in various organisations in the UK and Europe, the position of the White Aryan people has never been perilous. Therefore the time for name-calling and grudge bearing is past. It must be ruthlessly set aside.
Remember - our enemies in ZOG/New World Order and their myriad puppets of many hues ALWAYS unite to smash ANY kind of White Nationalism wherever it appears. So must we. Our personal pride must be swallowed because our RACIAL pride demands it.
One day we hope and pray that the many myriad strands of White Nationalism all over the world will come together and realise that we are all working to the common purpose - no less than the salvation from genocide of our own people. If we, by producing UNITY and other projects still to come have contributed in some small way towards that goal, then our short time upon this Earth will not have been wasted.
Eddy Morrison