No.5  -  May 13th 2001

1. Colin Jordan/Tony Hancock race trial update
2. Beware of "the easy road" to power
3. MO of a Wrecker

COLIN JORDAN trial to go ahead!
Supporters of Aryan Unity attended a pre-trial hearing in Leeds Crown Court on the 11th May to support Colin Jordan and Tony Hancock who are charged under the tyrannical Race and Public Order Acts.

Mr.Jordan who is suffering from a severe heart condition and representing himself, offered a strong line of  reasoning as to why he was unable to have a fair trial and conduct his own defence, applied for a stay of trial - in other words to have the whole charade against himself and Tony kicked out. It was obvious to Aryan Unity observers that the Crown Prosecution Service are determined that no matter how severe Colin Jordan's medical condition - they WILL have their anti-racialist witch hunt come what may - even at the expense of the health of an old and determined fighter such as Colin is.

To view the pamphlet which is the subject of the prosecution click on Decide for yourself whether the trial of Jordan and Hancock is a "book burning" exercise and an effort to
stop Colin Jordan speaking the truth. Tony Hancock's only crime is that he "aided and abetted" by printing the "Merry England" pamphlet. Of course we believe that the persecution of Tony is just part of the State plan to shut down a White Nationalist resource. Had Colin Jordan gone to any non-political "run of the mill" printer - would they have been prosecuted? We don't think so. To our knowledge this new step in prosecuting printers as well as publishers is another tightening of the screw in Jack Straw's POLICE STATE BRITAIN!

The next appearence is at Leeds Crown Court on September 3rd - and we urge all White Nationalists comrades to give their fullest moral and physical support to our two persecuted fellow Aryan fighters!

Drop the charges NOW! Free speech NOT tyranny!

Full and regularly updated reports on the case can be found on - an excellent
resource and website which Aryan Unity endorses to the full...

BNP - clearing the air. Subscribers/readers will  no doubt be aware of the attack on Aryan Unity by the current BNP party chairman, Nick Griffin. We would like to state categorically that it is our firm belief that the vast majority of BNP members are dedicated and decent fighters for a free Britain.

Nick has asked the editor of this e-newsletter to come out into the open and attack the BNP! This we will not do. We oppose the handful of people at the top of the British National Party's leadership who are setting out a populist agenda by dropping and moderating VITAL policies to gain "respectability" and votes. Maybe some of them ARE genuine and believe that this is merely a smokescreen to a quicker road to power. Some however, with an eye to the "respectable Euro-nationalists" are WE ACCUSE, motivated only by stark opportunism.

In the forthcoming leadership election - we would ask BNP members to seriously consider putting John Tyndall back in control of the Party. He is a tried and tested veteran whose main fault it seems was to be hoodwinked out of the Chairmanship. However, it is for each and every BNP member to make up their own mind on this. Remember, this "respectability" tactic has been tried countless
times before and achieved no success whatsoever. The main example that springs to mind was the huge split in the mid-Seventies, when John Kingsley Read led (probably with good intentions at the time) a large minority of the NF into the National Party and the "magical" road to respectability. The NP lasted a short while with a few minor successes, but was soon being vilified as Nazi and Fascist just as much as the NF were being.

The ZOG system sees us ALL as threats in whatever role we feel it best to combat it. Whatever we do, write or say - we will always be smeared as devils incarnate. Be it a young skinhead with a NF placard to a besuited BNP canvasser trying the knocking on doors electoral tack. The scum of the Anti Nazi League and their ilk will make no attempt to see a difference - all White Nationalists regardless of their approach are fair game for physical attacks by the red street trash and persecution by the ZOG System/New World Order.

Only by being totally defiant and having the courage to say what we truly are will bring us victory! At the moment we are living in smug New Labour Britain where fake issues and a fake General election are used as sops to keep an ever more agitated White population quite. But the System, inch by inch and day by day is breaking down. The old slanders of racist and Nazi (which we should not be refuting but accepting as the best they can throw at us) are NOT working any more on an embattled British people. Society MAY look secure on the surface but on the streets of our towns and in the urban wrecks that were once proud city centres - Oldham, Bradford, Leeds, Manchester, Bristol - most if not ALL of Inner London - the list goes on - our folk KNOW that something is terribly wrong.

The underlying tensions caused by the disastrous experiment of forced multi-racialism and the fiasco of large scale "asylum seekers" is forcing an ever increasing panicky ZOG to more and more repressive measures. When the floodgates break and Society becomes untenable - who will the masses turn to? "Respectable" Parties or Revolutionary Racial Nationalists - who are ready and willing to stand by our White people in the cauldron that Britain will become? When this happens - and it is - votes will count for nothing. Respectability will be MEANINGLESS - all that will matter is that there is in place an organisation of tough racial and radical nationalists who are willing to do whatever it takes to ensure the salvation and survival of our people!

Throughout the whole life of the White Nationalist Movement, the various organisations have been the focus of infiltrators, police spies, wreckers and just down right "bad asses". It has been the unpleasant experience of the writer of this piece to have come across quite a few of them. They all, whatever their motivation - be it cash, coercion by the state or just the "fun" it brings them to wreck
a local group (or in Ray Hill's case, a whole Movement), have a certain MO. Patterns vary a bit but the following points are usually there:-

1. They are a first over "pally" with everyone. Ingratiating
  themselves into everybodys good books and volunteering for
  every task available. If they are in a "respectable" party
  they will do their damndest to "out respect" everybody else.
  On the other side of the coin, if they are trying to wreck
  a more action style group - they will be the ones shouting
  loudest for ever more extreme action and pushing especially
  impressionable youngsters into illegal and/or violent acts.

2. They are ALWAYS the first to shout "grass","Searchlight agent",
  "police informer", "red spy" at real White Nationalists who
  look like they are being effective. If they find an individual is
  no real threat to their agenda, then the wrecker will move on
  to target another individual the wrecker thinks is more of a
  threat to ZOG - then the whispering campaign of "grass" etc
  begins anew.

3. They NEVER really do anything that is constructive although
  the wrecker may appear to be doing so. In the end, whatever
  work they are supposed to be doing is to their own agenda and
  to the detriment of the Cause. I remember one notorious
  wrecker at a Bradford meeting loudly proclaiming to all that
  he had bought 3000 stickers. He had, but I found them later
  in a litter bin near my car!

In the final analysis is does NOT pay to become neurotic about wreckers. Seeing every new recruit or enquiry not just as a potential wrecker but as an actual one is extremely counter-productive and exactly what ZOG wants. In my long experience with these scum,  I would estimate that 95% of all enquiries are totally genuine. Remember, especially young new recruits may only have the very
basic facts about racial nationalism. It is for us to teach not accuse. As we have said before educate don't interrogate new folk. BUT at the same time remember the three points we have stated above. Look around carefully, calmly and collectedly - keeping a clear head, you will soon spot your wrecker!