Aryan Unity - Issue #6
Number 6 - May 29th 2001

Many UK readers will have been watching the recent Sunday evening TV series - "The Secret Rulers of the World". Starting out as what we thought would be another ZOG media attempt to make us "Conspiracy Theorists" look like loonies, programme after programme showed that from the U.S. ATF/FBI combine to the highly secretive Bilderberger group conferences - the New World Order is a reality!
In fact the programme ended on the high note of the media snoop doing the series asking Lord Healey (once humble Dennis), an ex time-serving lackey of ZOG and Labour Party big wig to show him some innocent photos Healey admitted taking of members of the Bilderberger group at a recent conference in Portugal. Healey told him to "beep" off. So much for innocent photos.

We also saw a shot of the agenda for the Portugal Bilderberger meeting. All the big globalists were there from Kissinger to the Rothschild family reps. The subjects covered included EVERY major political and financial subject. What do we think they were doing, these faceless Bilderbergers?

a) Having a simple debate on these global problems for the fun of it.
b)Fixing how the New World Order would deal with such diverse topics from Kosova to Third World Debt.
We being highly suspicious, psychotic conspiracy loonies believe item B to be the most likely. Another interesting point was when the reporter finally got to meet the well prepared and cosmetically presented Bilderberger President, this guy ADMITS that the world financial flow and the interconnection of Global Corporations is now SO COMPLEX that even they don't know who runs what!
The Conspiracy exists and the New World Order is OUT OF CONTROL of its own schemes so deep and complex and far reaching as they are. Aryan Unity calls for the DISMANTLING of the whole Globalist set up and a return to NATIONAL values and NATIONAL interests.
In the two months or so of it's existence Aryan Unity has set up solid contacts and even some official reps in the following  countries with fellow Aryan Freedom fighters:- USA, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia,Spain, Germany, Belgium, Holland, South Africa, New Zealand, Canada and Eire. We continue to welcome all exchanged information and we are especially pleased that some well established and leading White Nationalists' list groups are adding Aryan Unity to their own lists, meaning we are reaching  thousands of new folk with each issue.
Contacts are now needed in France, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Italy. Aryan Unity does not have an official membership as such but exists to encourage and foster co-operation and comradeship with Aryan Freedom fighters across the world!
With France attacking Yahoo over the innocent sale of Nazi memorabilia and German Nationalists being prosecuted for Revisionism even though the site was US based, it is clear that the NWO/ZOG is WAKING up rapidly to the threat the www poses to them. They had free speech wrapped up completely in most Aryan countries with a series of tyrannical and basically illegal "hate laws", designed to cover up the gross obscenity that the multi-racial experiment has become. Dissent was stifled and leaflets, stickers, posters and publications - all subject to stringent national law - have to be vetted by White Nationalists very carefully if they want to remain out of jail. Along comes the .net and things become unpoliceable! A massive rash of White Resistance websites come into being - perhaps as many as one new one EVERY DAY! The floodgates of FREE SPEECH are opened again. BUT do not let that fool you. Britain has already passed anti-encryption legislation and there is a constant media barrage for PC "family" users to put anti-racist screenings on their PC's so their kids cannot see the shocking racist and nazi lies (or what WE term the shocking TRUTH). They will go further - even as you read this ZOG's lawyers will be poking their long noses into legal loopholes or thinking up new ways to close down White sites. In the meantime the pressure will be turned on ISP's everywhere to shut down those damned racialist sites....