No.7 - November 2001

We bandy about the term Aryan, but who are we? Where do we come from? What is our history? It seems that between 12,000 and 10,000 BC a new people, originating in the Caucasus, Southern Russian area (hence the term Caucasian) burst onto the historical scene.

These originally pastoral people - the first Aryans, probably through over population and also our age all will to conquer and explore spread out in many directions.

Firstly South overunning the fertile areas which are now Iran and Iraq (Iran bears traces of the Aryan name). They founded the first real civilisation of Sumaria (Sumaryan) and conquered the mostly Semitic peoples they encountered.

They then moved into Egypt and the First Dynasty of Egypt was founded by the Aryan Pharoah Menes. Another arm of the Aryans moved East to China and even Japan. Last year, a whole group of typical Aryan skeletons were unearthed in Mongolia! In Japan, the Aryans are still represented by the
so-called "hairy Ainu", who remain apart from the Japanese.

India was then invaded and the flourishing Aryan Indus Valley Civilisation established the early caste
system to prevent mixing with the native Dravidian population. They established the Hindu religion with its three castes of Priest, Merchant and Warrior.

Meanwhile, the Westwards expansion of the Aryans found then over-running Europe and in Italy they destroyed the non-Aryan Etruscan civilisation and founded Rome.

The front runners in Europe were the Aryan Keltoi (Celts), who swept through Gaul (France) and then into Britain and Ireland. It is a common fallacy that the Celts were small dark folk, they were in fact tall and either blond or red headed.

Greece was subject to invasions of waves of Aryans - the Dorians, Ionians and Corinthians and the Greek civilisation established. They spread to Crete and built the Minoan civilisation.

In what is now modern Germany the Aryans were very numerous and now jumping forward in time to AD49 we find tribe after tribe clustering on the banks of the Rhine waiting to cross as the river froze.
These Germanic tribes such as the Alemanni(all-men), Cheruscii, Belgae, Goths and many others were possibly in the millions and when they did cross the Rhine they overan Gaul. One tribe, the Vandals conquered Spain and then crossed to modern Tunisia.

Conquest and expansion which again leaping forward in time reached its apex in the 13th-16th centuries with the exploration of the world. Aryans in tiny ships circumnavigated the world and discovered the New World (although the Viking, Leif Ericson landed there in the 8th century).

This very brief history of our people shows the restless energy that eventually put us on the moon!

We hope this gives our readers a good idea of the great scope of our people and helps answer the great question - Who Are The Aryans?