No.8 November 23rd 2001

Marxism is often called 'Dialectical Materialism'. Capitalism is most definitely a religion of materialism. Both Capitalism and Communism are totally contrary to the natural feelings and emotions of the Aryan folk.

The Aryan is by nature a human being whose nature is generaly spiritual. By this we do mean religious but the Aryan people, who are the foremost in producing great painters, writers, poets,
musicians and philosophers show throughout our history that our spiritual and artistic nature supercedes our need for material posessions.

By this we do not mean that all Aryans should walk about in sackcloth and ashes, but as a race we have a vision of the future where man achieves a higher state. As Nietsche says "Man is but a tightrope walker, balancing himself between the ape and the Superman". (Thus Spake Zarathustra)

Whilst we must work and eat and earn enough to keep our families, lusting after material posessions is not or should not be the aim of the true Aryan attitude. Materialism and living for materialism only is the ZOG/New World Order way. If we put materialism first then we shall NEVER move forward towards the Superman.

We owe to our forebears to constantly improve ourselves through recognising our essentially spiritual essence and our love and appreciation of the natural world from which we come.

The Aryan does not walk around with their head fixed to the ground but gazes towards the stars where one day our future lies!

We are currently building a new Aryan Unity website. There are only a few pages on at the moment, and a guestbook (why not sign it?). The URL is  Please bear with us on our site as we know we have a long way to go. Eventually the site will approach the size of the old one and will be constantly expanding.

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Aryan Unity DOES NOT have individual members. We have no dues or fees. We exist purely to encourage White Nationalist groups throughout the world to work with and respect each other. What we DO ask is that White Nationalist groups nominate a sponsor within their organisation to promote the ideas of Aryan Unity. If you do not have an Aryan Unity sponsor within your organisation then why not appoint one? Let us know of course by e-mail. We have sponsors in a number of groups and countries already but we need to expand our network across the White World.

Aryan Unity seeks to foster cooperation and unity across the Aryan World, wherever White Nationalists are engaged in the struggle for their race and nation. We also foster and encourage a study and understanding of our racial heritage and history.

Aryan Unity identifies itself with the National Front and Blood and Honour and would encourage all White Nationalists to support these two groups. However, we are open minded enough to welcome
the support of GENUINE racial-nationalists from whatever group.

Editor: Wolf88