Aryan Unity - Issue #9
No.9  -  November 27th 2001

Hard on the heels of last weeks bulletin, we are putting out another to let you know that....

...our new website is up and running and has a new address - far more secure than the geocities we were using. The new URL is:-

Why not have a look? Sign our new Guest Book? There are still stacks of articles to go on but we have every issue of the Aryan UNITY Bulletin archived on the site already.

Many thanks go to Comrade Kev for his hard work in improving this new site and putting in a lot of time and effort.

Despite Blunkett admitting that the Religious Hatred part of his new repressive legislation package "was probably unworkable", it has still incredibly been voted, yesterday through the Commons. Even many Labour MP's voted against this "Act of Lunacy", yet because of US puppet Blair's huge majority, the mad hatters tea party that is Westminster passed it!

It is expected that the House of Lords will put up some resistance but as they can only delay the passing of the Bill (they do not have the power to throw it out) - it will soon be classed as "incitement to religious hatred" to dare even the mildest criticism of any religion. The whole package is a very stupid (evil?) knee jerk reaction to the Islamic Ben Ladin's terror groups who demolished the World Trade Centre (itself a symbol of New World Order domination).

Arrests without trial are just a part of the package. The main threat as far as White Nationalists are concerned is that critisism of religions (and they could be anything!) that are opposed to the well being of our own White folk will now be punishable by imprisonment. Any negative mention of Islam in particular will probably draw fire from the repressive ZOG state that has fostered this lunatic legislation.

Comedians will be unable to crack religious jokes. Even the mildest debate about religious differences could bring about prosecution rather than a healthy, free exchange of ideas.

We are faced with the situation where this Bill actually conflicts for instance with the Law of Succession which forbids Catholics to be Head of State. What does her Majesty think about this?

What if we were to succeed in having National Socialism, surely "natures eternal religion" classified as a religion? Anybody saying "Nazi Scum" could then certainly be prosecuted.

It seems that the shackles are being drawn tighter and we are to be stuck with this hideous piece of legislation....not many nails left to finally seal the lid in this country on freedom of thought, expression and action!

Aryan Unity says the fight for free speech is fast becoming the number one priority across the Aryan world and never more so than in the Orwellian nightmare that Blairs Britain is fast becoming....

Some folk have asked us for clarification on who Aryan Unity means when it calls on White Nationalists to unite and fight the global enemy. The global enemy is the New World Order, finaced and backed by International Capitalism as was Soviet Russia before it's collapse (one engineered by a World Conspiracy for whom it had lost its usefulness).

By fighting, we do NOT encourage any acts of illegality but mean organising and educating our own people to the tremendous dangers the NWO means to the Aryan people. So when we say fight back - we mean unite and organise. Work effectively as you can to change existing laws especially the attack on free speech. As we have said above the attack on freedom of expression is the one thing we must surely FIGHT against.