This article first appeared in the December 1996 issue of the old Nationalist magazine VANGUARD. The MI5 rag Searchlight is still around today, with the sole purpose of spreading gossip and outright lies and therefore creating dischord inside the Nationalist movement as the majority of its readers seem to be our own people. We would advise everyone to boycott this rag, you don't want it to be known that you're paying for a bunch of nonces to carry on with their perversion.


come out of the closet


BELIEVING Searchlight - the so-called 'anti-fascist magazine' - has just cost the BBC half a million quid. That is the extent of costs and damages the Beeb had to shell out when they gave up trying to defend a libel case brought by Tory M.P.'s Neil Hamilton and Gerald Howarth over the notorious Panorama programme 'Maggie's Militant Tendency' broadcast in February 1984.

Most of the paranoid drivel making up this programme was, the BBC admitted, supplied by Searchlight. Searchlight editor Gerry Gable was credited at the end of the programme, and three other 'researchers' similarly credited subsequently gave their address as that of Gable's rag. Although we hold no particular brief for Tory M.P.'s, the outcome of this case will have done a public
service if it teaches the media to think twice before using Searchlight stories, and if it serves to further discredit the rag as any sort of serious and honest source of information.

A major factor in the BBC's decision to chuck in the towel and conceed the libel case is understood to have been the threat of disclosures in court by the plaintiffs of the unsavoury background of Communism, organised crime and sexual perversion involving children underlying Searchlight,
disclosures which would have finished the smear sheet for good.

As it is, it has finally been disclosed in the mass media that Searchlight editor, Gable, and the magazine's founder Maurice Ludmer, are - or were in the deceased Ludmer's case - Communists who both stood as candidates for the Communist Party of Great Britain in local elections. This of course makes a mockery of their claim to be 'defending democracy', as the CPGB believes, or then
believed, in setting up a 'dictatorship of the proletariat'.

Still to be publically revealed is the criminal connection. Gable is a convicted burglar. His staff writer Manny Carpel has just done time for arson, and has convictions for sickening violence. Both Carpel and Gable are former members of the '62 Group', a band of Zionist thugs closely linked to organised
gangsterism in London's seedy Soho area.


The leader of the 62 Group was one Harry Bidney, who received a grovellingly flattering obituary in
Searchlight when he died a couple of years ago. Bidney whose long criminal record opened with a
conviction in 1950 for selling black market silk stockings in a market in Boston, Lincs ran the Coffee Pot, a sleazy cafe in Soho's Berwick Street which was one of the earliest centres of hard drug trafficking in London. But his real profession as emerged in court convictions, was pimping for homosexual paedophiles, supplying them with under-aged boys obtained from Piccadilly's notorious 'meat rack'.

Searchlight's hero and guru was himself a pervert: his tastes ran to homosexually raping 13 year-old boys of 'Nordic' appearance whilst Nazi marching music played in the background! In 1978 Bidney and a rich Jewish businessman (also a generous contributor to 'anti-fascist' causes) for whom he pimped, were convicted of disgusting offences involving young boys.

Bidney, Gable and Carpel's 62 Group was itself an offshoot of the 43 Group. This 'anti-fascist' gang of hoodlums, which included Bidney, was led by one Jack 'Spot' Comer, a 1950's Soho gangland baron and vice racketeer.

The 43 Group had to cease trading when the Jewish Board of Deputies denounced it for extorting money with menaces from Jewish shopkeepers - if they didn't pay exorbitant rates to 'advertise on programmes' of dances run by the Group at the Dorchester Hotel (then run by Jews rather than Arabs), mysterious 'fascists' broke their windows!

The 43 Group was politically linked to Herut, and its terrorist arm, the Irgun Zvei Leumi, better known as the Stem Gang. This murdered and tortured British Servicemen in Palestine in the 1940's. It was founded by one Ze'ev Jabotinsky in 1943 (as in '43 Group).

Jabotinsky was a Fascist, a self-proclaimed admirer of Mussolini (whose Fascist grand Council was at one stage one-third Jewish, including the then Chief Rabbi of Italy). Jabotinsky's terrorism aided the Axis war effort in the latter stages of the War, tying down in Palestine British soldiers badly
needed in the European theatre.


It is ironic that Searchlight is always accusing British Nationalists of 'being part of an international fascist terrorist conspiracy' when on far more substantial evidence the 'anti-fascist journal' could itself be linked with not only international Fascist terrorism but also Soho gangsterism and the sordid sex slavery of little boys.

No wonder they didn't want all this coming out in court in a blaze of publicity, and bolted, leaving their hapless mugs at the BBC in the lurch, to pick up the bill and, in some cases, possibly lose their jobs. Not that it will do them any good: the beans on Searchlight will soon be well and truly spilled when the NF publishes its already researched and long- awaited in-depth expose on it.

The disgusting creeping things that hide under Searchlight's little stone may think they got off lightly on the Panorama libel case. But the daylight will soon be shining in. Then watch Gable and Co. writhe!.