By Eddy Morrison   c2001

In 1967, I joined the National Front, then recently formed and started to learn about British Nationalism - this meant to me - Britain First and being proud of British heritage and our now dead Empire (now replaced by a multi-racial Commonwealth which is just a bad joke!)

Amongst the literature given to me when I started out on my over three decades activism in the White Nationalist Movement (by this I mean the collective of White Nationalist groups in the UK) was a collection from the then NF Leeds leader, Phil Stone. Phil, unfortunately is no longer with us. After many years of failting health, he died in Tenerife a few years ago.

However, Phil had been a member of the first BNP (led by John Bean) and was also friendly with many of Colin Jordan's National Socialist Movement comrades. Amongst the wealth of material (much of it now lost or "borrowed") was a stack of National Socialist material from the National Socialist White People's Party (formerly the American Nazi Party), and at that time led by George Lincoln Rockwell.

Rockwell was murdered by a former ANP member and National Bolshevik on August 25th 1967 and so I missed any opportunity of ever meeting him. But his magazines and articles - especially Stormtrooper, the Rockwell Report and more particularly National Socialist World - gave me pause to reflect that perhaps British Nationalism, confined by fake international barriers, did not fulfill my long term philosphical needs. My ideological development into a National Socialist and a radical rather than the pale flag waving Populist I had been took a few years. During that time I was speaking at many meetings on a regular basis and involved in mostly NF activities about five times a week - but cooking slowly in the back of my mind were Rockwell's and Hitler's teachings - for by that time I had read and absorbed "Mein Kampf" too.

The NF, riven as it was by Populist splits, was still controlled by ex-National Socialist Movement / Greater Britain Movement members for when the GBM united with the NF in 1968, John Tyndall, Martin Webster, Denis Perie, Dave Pascoe and many other highly energetic National Socialists entered the Front. Through their deeper commitment to an ideology far stronger than mere "plastic patriotism" of the rightist Tory variety, they taught me more of the creed of Blood and Soil and how the battle was a worldwide one.

I was happy though to go along with the general line and hide my new found radical National Socialism under a welter of patriotic jingoism because that's what the Front wanted and I felt happy that the NF was in safe NS hands under Tyndall and Webster.

However, I did try a number of other experiments with much more "direct action" groups - leaving the NF for short periods for the more openly NS British Movement. I also formed a couple of groups in Leeds - the National Democratic Freedom Movement and the second incarnation of the British National Party. Our direct confrontational tactics against the Marxist scum brought the massive publicity both locally and nationally which Rockwell said it would.  It also brought many of us arrests, fines and imprisonment - again as Rockwell had predicted. We felt a sense of martyrdom and sacrifice and attracted so many new young fighting recruits that we soon dwarfed the local NF, which by that time had fell under the spell of John Kingsley Read's populist faction. "Nazis" weren't welcome anymore!

However, in 1976, when Tyndall and Webster took the NF back over and Read formed his short lived National Party, I felt comfortable dissolving the BNP and merging its 500 or so members back into the NF. The influx of so many National Socialists made for a situation in West Yorkshire where it was a very unhealthy place for a Red to sell papers or hold a meeting. We swept the reds from the streets and did not let one Commie or Anti-fascist meeting go unchallenged. We also for the first time advertised our own PUBLIC meetings and challenged the reds to come along. The result - more arrests, more jail but masses of publicity including a "World in Action" TV special.

These were the tactics I successfully employed much later for the BNP (before it became sanitised) in Darlington and the following week in Dewsbury - which again made WORLD HEADLINES! (1989)

Since then I have made strenous efforts to streamline the NF and when that proved fruitless (though I still personally support the NF as the most future effective Movement in Britain). I decided I was fed up of hiding my National Socialism (a hopeless and unrewarding task) and formed Aryan Unity - an idea rather than an organisation dedicated to WORLDWIDE National-Socialist Unity and Pan Aryanism.

I define Pan-Aryanism as accepting our world view that the Aryan folk, spearheaded by Aryan/NS freedom fighters throughout the White World is now our only hope.

So today I can say quite proudly that I am a National Socialist and the days of being a "little Englander" are far behind. I recognise that our ultimate enemy - the coming New World Order in all it's varied guises and with its tentacles squeezing the lifeblood from our people throughout the world as well as strangling free speech, can only be fought against by an Aryan world-wide effort. I hope
Aryan Unity can play its part in that eternal struggle.

For National Socialists the Second World War did NOT end in May 1945 - it was just one lost battle amongst many - the struggle for the existence of our people and the preservation of our culture and heritage continues.