A short play by Constantin von Hoffmeister

In times we lay low. Mugabe that animal. To scrutinize that which happiness has been denied us. Why? To tan the landscape. Husbands for wives, fathers for daughters. Black extremists mingled with all this wild rhetoric. Along the Limpopo the renowned Achilles was terrorized into exile. The jewish poison did not take prisoners.

(Enter the Waffen-SS.)

The first instinct is to maintain confusion. To tear the monkey of their back. Feline in its stealthiness. "And Versailles - the King's Gallery is some such gorgeous room, is it not?" The search for meaning as a necessary pilgrimage. Fanatically organized, methodical, obsessed with detail.

John Paul: "But if this is still not obvious, let it go."

Heinrich Himmler: "You are shunning purposely the multitude to which they are an object of suspicion and hatred."

John Paul: "It is my tendency to follow impulses which may not fit in with the well-laid plans of the team."

Heinrich Himmler: "But you must understand the beauty of a body to be sensible."

John Paul: "When we speak of the mind, I believe that everything produced by low creatures manifests the unity of creation."

Heinrich Himmler: "You miss! Well, it is over, and now I'll get home without you."

(Exit the Waffen-SS.)

Abandoned wooden shack in the Mojave Desert. To repair the wasteland, it takes time and money. The desert race is dying. Their religion is in flames. Arthur Rimbaud died of a tumor in the knee. He was an ugly Gaul. Most of his actions and attitudes reflected an indistinct figure, formed all in a fever
a long time ago.

(Enter two poets.)

Arthur Rimbaud: "Hold your tongue. What is it?"

Oge Noct: "I am walking along the path down there."

Arthur Rimbaud: "Too deep, my silly friend, too deep..."

Oge Noct: "My journey ends here for tonight, my dear Arthur."

Arthur Rimbaud: "You cannot follow when you are light and wide awake."

(Exit two poets.)

The woman's name has always been Virginia. She was not a virgin. Suicide is painless, she thought. She dared not speak their name in public. The ocean was clear. The rocks were sharp. The fool could argue as follows:

(Enter the fool.)

The fool: "I recommend a stay at the Hotel A SEASON IN HELL. The wine is always clear and tasteless."

(Exit the fool.)

A common principle of collapse, even...