My enemy's enemy is my friend?
by Unity

There is an increasing phenomena in the movement of supporting Muslims because of their fight with the Jews in the Middle East, but why should that mean that we should support the Muslims simply because we share the same enemy?

For the Brits and the Americans, Muslims have also been fighting a war against us in our own lands, to make them Islamic, they're not fighting the Jews but the everyday, hardworking Brit or American. The support is mainly manifesting itself from folk, who at this moment in time, have not got the same problems on the same scale that the Americans and especaily the Brits are currently having.

Muslims in Britain are currently lobbying the British Government to get rid of the historically rich Union Flag (or Union Jack as some know it) to replace it with a green version displaying the Islamic crescent moon and star, green as we are all aware is the colour of war for Muslims. Muslims have also committed terrorists attacks by the use of suicide bombers on the London tube and on a bus. They have demanded Brit butchers not to sell pork if any Muslims live close to them. They have demanded that children should not be allowed to have a Christmas dinner or play at their schools. They have also demanded that Christmas lights and decorations should not be put up in streets, schools or stores incase it offends a Muslim that happens to be passing by. Any schools, hospitals, buildings or street names that have a 'St' (Saint) in them have been ordered to be removed because it's offensive to Muslims. Church bells are not allowed to ring their bells anymore, even at weddings. In areas that are densely populated with Muslims, schools are serving only Halal meat to non Muslim children. Muslim clerics hold protests outside their mosques, shouting into megaphones to kill non Muslims and the infidels, whilst receiving free cars, houses and money from the British Government. That is just the tip of a very large iceberg.

Let's not forget, that it was Muslims that flew airplanes into the World Trade Centre and killed over three thousand people there, yet quite a few of our 'comrades' are wondering why the Brits and Americans do not support Muslims and can't understand why we have a problem with them.

It is commonly believed that Muslims are currently preparing for Jihad (racial holy war) in Britain. They have three stages, stage one being to move to and occupy a non Islamic country, stage two is to gain positions of authority and power and the third being Jihad. American intelligence has admitted to have been watching the Muslim population growing in Britain for quite a few years because they believe that the Muslims are planning the same for America. Muslim 'defectors' have stated that Muslims are now coming towards the end of the second stage and are preparing for Jihad on Britain.

If the Muslims conquer Britain the rest of Europe will fall too. This will happen if our non UK and American comrades continue to 'turn the other cheek' simply because both Whites and Muslims share the same enemy. It is exactly that kind of attitude that has not only held the movement back for years but is also weakening it.

Those that make friends with a snake can not cry when the snake bites them...and that snake will bite them all one day.