A life in White Nationalism by Eddy Morrison

Part One

I was born in Leeds in 1949. The place I was born in was the sprawling block called Quarry Hill Flats, in Central Leeds. Built in the 1930's as a showcase of art decor architecture, they eventually degenerated into a slum area. However in the early fifties, they weren't a bad place to be brought up and I have fond memories of my early childhood.

I am of Irish Catholic descent on my mothers side and Scottish on my fathers, though there is also a smattering of English and even Wallonian blood in my ancestry. So I can truly call myself an Aryan in every sense of the word.

I attended grammar school in Leeds, leaving at age fifteen. At the age of eighteen after leaving the Royal Air Force, I joined the recently formed National Front. Before examining the reasons which drew me to White Nationalist politics, I will say how the formation of the NF came about.

Prior to 1967, the White Nationalist Movement was split into various groups and factions (just as it is today!). To name but some - the League of Empire Loyalists led by A.K. Chesterton; the British National Party leader John Bean; The Greater Britain Movement  led by John Tyndall; the National Socialist Movement of Colin Jordan which was soon to become the British Movement; the Racial Preservation Society based in Sussex; Union Movement technically still overseen by Oswald Mosley but run effectively by the late Jeffrey Hamm and a number of smaller groups. Of these, the Empire Loyalists, BNP and Racial Preservation Society came together to form the NF - initially led by A.K Chesterton with Andrew Fountaine as Deputy Chairman. Tyndall's Greater Britain Movement was absorbed about a year later and the NF acquired the effective monthly magazine "Spearhead". This monthly, together with Chesterton's "Candour" were our first two papers.

My membership number on joining was 9067, but I estimate that our total national membership was about 1500. Our first activity - a march through Central London had just over a hundred activists on it. It was to be the first of many, many marches I attended.

What took me from a staunch Labour Catholic family into the volatile world of White Nationalist and National Socialist politics? One in which over thirty years later, I still owe allegiance to.

I drifted into becoming a National Socialist/White Nationalist  (for me the terms are interchangeable) through firstly a life long love of military history. This interest although it covers warfare down the ages, and I have specialist interest in Napoleonic, American Civil War and the Roman Empire, inevitably led me to a thorough study of the Second World War - and again inevitably, to a lifetime study of National Socialist Germany. At first of course, I swallowed all the ZOG created rubbish about Nazi Germany. My reading list included such tripe as Schirer's "Rise and Fall of the Third Reich"; Bullock's "Hitler - a study in tyranny" and Trevor-Roper's "Last Days of Hitler". I swallowed 'history' like this hook line and sinker, BUT somehow all these dark tales of the most tyrannical system in history did not seem to gel with what I knew of the fighting qualities of the German Wehrmacht and the glimpses I saw of the Nuremburg Party rallies filled with smiling, saluting Germans from all ages and from all backgrounds - who didn't look the least repressed. There were certainly no obvious guns in their backs to make them look overjoyed to see their Fuhrer.

I contrasted this with the facts I knew about Stalinist Russia, which I was also studying at the time. I was told at school and in my other reading that the two "dictatorships" were as bad as each other - or that actually the Nazis were even worse! This did not look right. I knew about the Stalinist purges and I knew about the much vaunted "Night of the Long Knives", when Hitler legally executed a hundred or so neo-Bolshevic homosexuals to preserve the NS revolution. I knew without doubt that this was a mere speck compared to the twenty plus MILLIONS of his own people that the Marxist Stalin had done to death during the great purges. I read Alexander Solzenetsin's "Gulag Archipelago", and was struck continually by the fact that even this ex-inmate of the Stalin's horrific death camps could make statements (about German Communist leaders arrested by the Nazis) such as "and they were found innocent and released by the Gestapo unharmed. They left Germany for Russia where Stalin had them immediately imprisoned." (!)

Facts such as this rested uneasily in my mind and I began to doubt the historically/political correct view of National Socialism. At this same time Leeds was beginning to see the first effects of mass coloured immigration and, in 1968, the first repressive Race Relations (sic) legislation was introduced. I knew this was coming and the blatant injustice of the proposed legislation which effectively banned White people from expressing their feelings and opinions about race, shook me, as I had always, mistakenly, believed we did live in a democracy. With ever more repressive legislation now being introduced on an annual basis, I now know what a bad joke this liberal "democracy" is!

I knew I could not sit back and say and do nothing about my maturing political attitude which I knew was drawing me more and more towards White Nationalism. So in 1967, I sent off my subscription for party membership of the NF and received my black and yellow membership card - the scene was set for a life of adventure and struggle as an active White Nationalist....