Nation State of the Future
by Bernhard Schaub

Presentation made to young members and friends of the Party of National Orientated Swiss (Partei National Orientierter Schweizer) PNOS Restaurant "Bohrerhof", Allschwil near Basel on Saturday, 8th December 2001

(from tape und Video recordings)

My Friends,

It's good that we are all nice and comfortable in here because outside the enemy lies in wait with floodlights, cameras and all manner of things. Best idea is to let the reporters and TV team stand around outside in the cold until they decide to go home for themselves. By the way... (a couple of windows are slammed shut). Yes, they were allowed to hear that bit but the rest of my talk is not intended for them.

The title I have chosen for my talk is: “The Nation State of the Future” (Der Volksstaat der Zukunft).
The subject evidently suggests that we do not yet have a proper nation state but that in future we do want to have one. Why do I maintain we do not have a proper nation state? We have a wonderful country with direct democracy, neutrality, independence, with federalism. Everyone can do and say and write and print whatever he or she wants, can’t they? We are free Swiss citizens.
In reality the truth is this - the political opponent can say what he thinks in this country, provided it is politically correct, provided it is what the media and the whole of the left-orientated system politicians permit us to think and to say. Everything else in this splendid country is forbidden. For this reason we must see to it that one day the system is replaced by one better suited to the people’s needs. That is the subject of today’s talk.

What is the situation regarding the right of free speech? We saw that, for example yesterday as the latest edition of “Facts” (a topical weakly Swiss magazine) came out. They mention this evenings event - I think you have all seen it. In it they have said the event is: “Manure for brown seedlings”.
Walter (a young farmer member of PNOS), I don’t think we need to be farmers to know that seedlings are never brown. Seedlings are green. These journalists need some lessons in biology, I could help them in German (Bernhard Schaub was a language teacher before he lost his job for being critical of the system). At best it is: “Brown manure for green seedlings.”

Just to demonstrate to you the extent to which we do not live in a democracy, although it is called one, I have two or three short stories from recent Swiss political history. As two or three years ago I think it was, during elections to the Federal Council (Bundesrat, Switzerland's 7 person executive) at the time Federal Council members Deiss and Metzler were elected, the SVP member of the National Council (parliament), Alexander Baumann was asked if it would be possible for someone opposed to the EU to be elected into government. I mean, regarding the EU you are either for or against. In this question the Swiss are split approximately down the middle. In the newspapers it was said that there was about 45 percent who oppose the EU to about 39 percent who support it. Or possibly even a slight majority are against the EU. But in any case one can either be for or one can be against the EU. If we had a democracy, dear friends, then in parliament and government the opinions of the people should be represented accordingly. In which case about one half of the members of parliament should be EU opponents and the other half supporters and the same thing in the Federal Council. We should have three, or at present moment even four, council members who are against the EU and about three who support it. That would be democratic. That is what we all understand by democracy. That is what everyone thinks of when the word "democracy" is used, that the views of the electorate – regardless of how they are formed. I will return to that topic later – are represented. However, let us accept for the moment, that the electorate’s views are being represented in the various organs of the legislative and executive in parliament and government. The answer from Alexander Baumann, the honest SVP member of parliament was: “No, it is completely and utterly impossible that a EU opponent could become a member of the Federal Council.”

Dear friends, from this we can draw the conclusion that we are not living in a democracy. At least not in the sort of democracy we think of, not the one we learnt about at school. At school we had the wool pulled over our eyes. I can say that because I was a teacher for as long as I was allowed to be one. Three-quarters of what we learn at school is superfluous or even dangerous. It would be better, in many ways better, to learn nothing than to be misinformed. At least that is true in respect of such subjects as history, civic studies, etc. because at school we learn that everything is really marvellous, that we live in a free Switzerland, that we have such wonderful things as freedom of the press, etc. I will deal with the subject of freedom of the press shortly.

And now another little story

In 1991, some ten years ago today, Switzerland celebrated its 700th anniversary. It’s now 700 years since the Oath of Allegiance on the Ruetli Meadow and William Tell in 1291. Well, ten years ago Migros, the largest shopping chain in Switzerland, brought out its Annual Review as it always does. In this book Migros published an interview with a trade union secretary who was completely unknown at the time. Shortly afterwards this trade union secretary acquired dubious fame which continues to this day. We are talking about the person, well-known to all of you, the lady with three feet, Mrs Ruth Dreifuss (Dreifuss in German means ‘three feet’). Do you know how one recognises the devil according to old legends? …from the goat’s foot. I must assume that the third foot of Mrs Dreifuss must be the goat’s foot. Someone should check it out one day. Anyway, as Mrs Dreifuss was interviewed ten years ago she was asked what were her views regarding support for Switzerland, sovereignty etc. etc. At the time I wondered about this – I mean the woman was completely unknown. What I was concerned with though was this: Why is this completely unknown person – really no one had any idea who she was – why was she giving an interview which is several pages long. I mean, a trade union secretary – who is interested in her? You know, in retrospect one is wiser and it is clear she was being groomed then to one day land in the Federal Council. Yes, indeed, how Ruth Metzger got there does not need to be mentioned here. Anyway, in response to the question of her allegiance to Switzerland Mrs Dreifuss actually said, and please listen carefully, she said, “Whether Switzerland survives as a sovereign nation is not personally important to me”. Just imagine it? And in the same vein she went on to talk about the blessings that immigration and multicultural society would bring saying: “Yes, it would be wonderful if Switzerland turned into a rainbow-coloured country”. Meaning of course that as many coloured people as possible, as many different races as possible should come and settle here. She then went on to say, "...and there will be many mixed marriages and that will be good for us". Ouch! Well then, who will that be good for when she says, "That will be good for us"? Well, she certainly can't mean us Swiss because we, the Swiss will simply disappear...the same as the Germans will disappear if the present rate of immigration continues. But perhaps she meant that quite differently because, you know, Mrs Dreifuss - I have nothing against her - but strictly speaking she is not a Swiss person. In earlier days she was in the Zionist Youth Movement – and you are not usually a member of that if you are a normal Swiss person. Therefore, maybe when she said, "That will be good for us" what she really meant is that it would be good for that group of people to whom she belongs. Yes, it will be good for them when we mix with other races. It certainly will be good for them when we turn into mongrels – then we loose our individual identity, our biological identity, our mental identity, our national-spiritual identity. We simply loose everything. We will turn into these coffee-coloured MacDonalds customers, to these American-English speaking Coco-Cola customers that have been predestined for the "New World Order'. That's what they want - a mixed race virtually incapable of thinking anymore but like worker ants to be used and misused and who run around and do as they are told – while the rulers, who don't mix, will be bossing us around from the top floor where they already sit at the moment. Am I right? ...sitting in their offices in the Wall Street. Yes indeed. Actually, it's a pity that that plane didn't fly into Wall Street instead of the World Trade Center.

Well, this story about Mrs Dreifuss is not finished yet. This splendid lady, by putting the subject of Switzerland's sovereignty up for discussion, by promoting the over-population of Switzerland with coloured immigrants who are best described as the civilian members of an occupying force, and by wanting to destroy the Swiss national character by promoting mixed marriages, demonstrated in no uncertain terms that she is a potential traitor. A short time later this lady is elected into the Swiss Federal Council (7 person executive). And pay good attention to what I am telling you now – Mrs Dreifuss was elected into the Federal Council not by the left-wingers but by non-socialist party members. That the socialists would vote for this good lady is clear, isn't it? I mean, I have just read it in the papers that the Social Democratic Party has now stated, "Switzerland is an immigration country" as if we were Papua New Guinea or Australia with a massive dessert where no one lives. Yes, quite clearly the Left would vote for Mrs Dreifuss. That's why to some degree I have more respect for the Left. At least they are honest – honest idiots, aren't they? But, as I started to say earlier, Mrs Dreifuss wasn't voted into the Federal Council by the Left but by the non-socialist, centre-right majority of the house. As you know, in both the National Council and the upper chamber the majority still overwhelmingly consists of the members of the centre-right category of "Bürgerliche", i.e. non-socialist parties. The Left do not have a majority in our parliament. Ok, at least not theoretically. But in practice this woman – a traitor and abolisher of the Swiss national character - was elected into the Federal Council by votes from the Liberal Party, from the Christian-Democrats and all the others. Just imagine it, if this issue had been put before the people – just suppose for a moment that members of the Federal Council were elected by popular vote. Beforehand we could explain to the electorate: "Look here dear Mr and Mrs Switzerland – this woman has said these things – She puts Switzerland's sovereignty at the disposal of foreigners and she promotes unrestrained immigration. Do you want this woman in the government? I guarantee that about 80 percent of the voters would have rejected her. But our parliament elected her! Thus, a second proof that we do not live in a democracy but in a 'fraud-ocracy' (Filzokratie). The people in parliament are playing games...this group is playing 'left', they are playing 'right', the third group is playing Christian-Democrats, this lot is playing conservative and God knows what else. With very few examples it's all very much the same. The situation is much more serious than most people perhaps think. This is the reason we are being pestered and badgered. Why do you think we have here in the room someone from State Security (Staatsschutz) in the person of the friendly Mr. Möschlin? Can you imagine that in Switzerland some 30, 40 or 50 years ago a patriotic rally would be put under surveillance by the State Security Service. Why are these idiots sitting around outside with their floodlights and microphones? What is wrong with this country? We are living in a complete shambles, in a chaos -- which is why I'm telling you all – in future some big changes will have to be made round here.

Another example:

One more little story to round off this introduction. A few years ago, I think it was 1998 or so, the Zurich newspaper 'Tages Anzeiger', which as we all know is one of the worst in the country, brought out a caricature to celebrate our national day, the First of August. It depicted an ungainly fat man, naked, crawling around the countryside on his hands and knees – and here, stuck up his South Pole, is a Swiss flag. That was the Tages Anzeiger's contribution to the First of August. I mean, as a result of this the paper got a fair amount of well-deserved flak. But now, since the 1995 we have a new paragraph in the criminal code. It's called Article 261bis (the so-called anti-racism law). Well this Article 261bis — which I think most all of you have heard about — is well known for the reason that it forbids discrimination or ridicule of individuals merely because they belong to a particular group. Yes, so now it could be expected that someone, somewhere would say, "We don't like this! They are ridiculing us Swiss". Indeed, the Swiss were made to look very contemptible with this caricature especially on their National Day. So, no one was surprised when in fact some people did make an official complaint on the basis of the new anti-racism law. Now the courts of law would be able to demonstrate they would also give protection to the Swiss against vilification. Not only Negroes and Jews but also the Swiss. What do you think came of all this? Nothing. As we all know it was rejected out of hand.

And another:

You remember recently the commotion, the campaign about Swiss Nazi-gold. At the time the Swiss Television Service broadcast a malicious smear on the subject. Well, as a result a number of long-serving Swiss politicians, among them the ex-member of the National Council, Professor Martin Burckhardt from Basel, decided to file charges against the Swiss Television Service and the film company concerned on the basis that they, in a completely unacceptable manner, had maligned Switzerland. The 'best' bit about the court's judgement this time was: not only were the muckrakers found to be not guilty but the court even gave its reasons, which were, "It is not possible to denigrate the Swiss as a people, on the grounds that the Swiss are not a people". Really, if you don't believe it I have it here. I have it in black and white, "The Swiss are not a people", is what our courts say. Imagine, for example, to honour a Jewish festival someone had placed a caricature in the "Tages-Anzeiger" with a similarly ungainly naked giant of a person with a Jewish flag stuck up his rear. Just think of the reaction? One would have said, "Oh my God, oh my God, what have they gone and done now? This example shows our country is a country which allows its own people to be dragged through the dirt while protecting all other peoples, even those who cause us up the most problems. That's our system. All that about direct democracy, regular visits to the ballot-box, blah, blah, blah is just a load of old codswallop. All that's old history now — if it was really ever true. It might be interesting to investigate just exactly how this non-violent coup d'état took place here in Switzerland. But one thing is sure it definitely has taken place. At the top there are no longer any true Swiss people. It's exactly the same thing in Germany. When Mr Bürgel (NPD Freiburg) gave his talk just now and mentioned, "our Chancellor" I almost had to chuckle to myself, that's not your Chancellor, dear German colleagues – that's the Allies Chancellor. Germany has been an occupied country since 1945 and never had the least chance whatsoever to make itself really independent. It still has to dance to the tune of the Allies...must dance to their tune. It never had chance to do otherwise. And we Swiss, without even noticing how it happened, we have been incorporated in this re-education and submission process. I mean, our intellectuals also read "Der Spiegel" and watch German television etc. -- and in exactly the same way our politicians are the same American boot lickers that German politicians are.

So, here are the conclusions from the initial examination:

The present system is hostile to the people and to the state. Today the traitors sit in our government, not just Mrs Dreifuss but all of the others as well. They may occasionally play the role of benefactors of the nation, but in principle all of them at the top are traitors. The system gives advantage to marginal groups instead of its own people, you know I promotes queers and lesbians, drug addicts and the most strange characters. While at the same time lets its own people go to the dogs. Because all of this is happening so slowly you hardly notice it but in reality it's moving at a fast clip. Here in Basel's schools there is hardly a Swiss child to be seen. I was recently in Kleinhüningen (district in Smaller Basel), had to deliver something there. As I looked at the kids in the playground I thought to myself, "Where have I landed"? If these children were lined up and photographed you wouldn't be able to tell what corner of the world you were in. At least you could only say with certainty - not in China because there only Chinese go to school.

For the future it only remains for us — and we must make this quite clear to ourselves — we must take this into our hearts with a will of iron: We have got to get rid of these politicians, before they get rid of us. They are exterminating us. They are now at the stage of tying up the sack they have dropped us in and then we sit tight. Then they just need to drop us in the drink and we are all done for. That's the way it will end. When you think about it – at the beginning of the twentieth century there was a white world population of about 30 percent. Now that has dropped to about 10 percent. The coloured races are spreading out and we are shrinking. Our women don't want to have children – they are more concerned about their careers.

So, the question is. Since we have plainly concluded that we do not rule ourselves, that the people of this country are not governed by their own, then the question begs asking: The people do not govern themselves then who does rule us then? We have a democracy. Anyone can prove that straight away. "You can go to the ballot, can't you? All those people up there at the top have been voted in by us." I have already demonstrated that this is not so, that it can't be so. Otherwise things would be much different. Who rules us then? That's the strange thing about democracy. Democracy is a very old invention. Even the Greeks tried it but gave it up. Their greatest philosopher Plato wrote a famous work called "Politeia" (Der Staat). In this book he investigated the various forms government can take: There's rule by a king called monarchy, rule by an elite class called aristocracy, rule by a single person called tyranny or dictatorship and democracy which is rule by the people. By the way, in actual fact "demos", from which the word democracy is derived, doesn't mean 'people' but rather 'rabble'. So, actually one could translate it more precisely as 'Mob rule'. But which mob, surely not us, the loyal hard-working people but rather apparently some scum is involved in this democracy. Who is this then? Plato tells us that of the four different ways of running the state democracy is the worst. Why? Because in the end it is always the purse that rules.

Who then wields power in a democracy?

Those who have their hands on the purse strings. Because they can in one way or another bribe, blackmail, manipulate and so on. And who does that today? Who is manipulating us today? By those people outside, who are waiting for us to come out, yes exactly, by them. As soon as we go outside they will film us and photograph us and then produce banner headlines with such things as 'Manure for brown seedlings'. Then tomorrow our dear Mr and Mrs Switzerland will be sitting at home in front of their telly gawking in the box and saying, "Oh! Look the horrible, horrible Nazis have regrouped again - Oh my God!"  In point of fact if we were able to explain to the Swiss people what we have been talking about here, possibly with the terminology toned down a little, then most of these good people would agree with us. If these people actually knew what we believed and what our opinions really were, what our convictions were, then a great many would, after turning it over two or three times, say, "These lads are right". What danger do they see in us then? Not because we are extremists, dear friends, but exactly for the reason that we are not extremists. Extremists are the people who at present hold the reigns of power. The people who sit in government and want to abolish peoples, who want to abolish cultures, who want to abolish human races and who go against nature. They are the extremists. We are the normal people. We are the last remaining normal people, who must try to throw over the helm to bring things back on course. That's the situation. At all costs we must avoid letting them talk us into believing that we are the extremists. Even when we have to fight for our cause, even when a nose or two gets bloodied, we are not the extremists. We are fighting for a return to a normal state of affairs and that for all countries of the world. As we have said several times, the extremists are those who distort the media to make the people think that we represent a danger to the world. In truth, we are the ones who stand for the authentic interests of the people.

Let's stay with the media a moment longer because I want to explain the place the media will take when the Nation State of the Future comes about which I will be describing shortly. Up till now the media has taken advantage of the fact that just about every person in Switzerland, indeed in almost every civilised country of the world, spends hours on end reading or listening to the media. At breakfast he reads the morning paper and in theevening he sits down in front of the telly for one, two, three or four hoursand watches whatever is served, doesn't he? And he does that for years on end. Most of you here are still young. You could still save yourselves and say, "I refuse to submit to so much media manipulation". But I can tell youwhoever has done that for the last thirty, forty years, please excuse theexpression, has become so feeble-minded that he's beyond all help. Add all that up, someone who watches two hours television every day for thirty years. How many hours does that make? Yes, and everything we've had toswallow during those thirty years. It's hardly believable. This is the reason many people today, although they actually are good at heart, are so apathetic, are no longer capable of seeing clearly what's before of their very eyes. I mentioned to Mr Bürgel a moment ago, officially we have twenty percent foreigners here in Switzerland and he said himself, "probably a lot more than that". My Friends, I can promise you there are many more than that. Only the people don't believe their eyes. They take a walk through the town and should have to admit to themselves, "Actually, it's about a half. About half of public we see on the street are black or foreign in some way." Yes, lets say twenty percent foreigners. In that figure all the asylum seekers are not included, nor all the seasonal workers. All sorts of people are not included. On the other hand the authorities make all sorts of problems for a nice young German girl, who wants to live here in Switzerland. But Brazilian prostitutes – they get in no problem. They get their work permits handed out on a plate. All this is possible because day in day out our media are pulling the wool over our eyes. Now and then they make a hue and cry about some goings on in this or that place while here at home the very air we breathe is slowly being taken away. We simply don't notice anything that's not in the media. Therefore, it's safe to say, "Don't believe everything you read in the papers and see in the telly, instead try to look into things for yourselves and then you will see a bit more of what's really happening. Thus, the people are being manipulated unbelievably by the media and that worldwide. Remember back to how this Nazi gold story against Switzerland got underway, how it was then. Switzerland had been for a very long time the model child, was famous for being the good boy. We were always pleased that we hadn't done anyone any harm. We couldn't hurt a fly even if we wanted to. Ok, we had done a bit of business here and there but nothing really unpleasant. And in any case we are the good alpine boys with direct democracy and all of that including the image of Matterhorn, fine chocolate and Swiss cheese with holes in it. We have promoted this Swiss image across the whole world and the world had good-naturedly accepted it for essentially this image was more or less right.

Then a Mr. — heaven alone knows his name — a Mr Silberfarben or Goldstein or whatever, suddenly had the feeling that the time had come to do something about Switzerland. There's a fat purse there that has not been milked yet. From Germany it's not quite so easy to squeeze any more Shekels out, I mean, they've been paying now like there's no tomorrow. The Germans pay for everything, the whole of the EU and Israel as well – you've got no idea everything they pay for. So, now just for a change they eye up the Swiss. And what happened? Actually, it was very interesting to watch. A sort of signal went out from the American East Coast – that's what it's called now. You will have to note that expression – "the American East Coast." Naturally, a particular minority people is meant who sit there, mostly in New York, and who we don't always want to name by name. Yes, well from the American East Coast a signal went out: "Hi everyone, now we're gonna do Switzerland." Und what happened then? Within a few days the whole of the media worldwide had decided to make propaganda against Switzerland. All of a sudden you could see documentaries in Honolulu and in West Siberia where Switzerland was portrayed as the really evil villain. But how is that possible? You would think if there was freedom of the press that then they would react so, "Ach so, here is a new subject." One reporter would take this position and another would take another and there would be argument for and argument against. No, what happened is called 'unisono' in music. With one voice the whole of the media took up the same story, "The Swiss were really nasty fellows." More or less according to the motto, "The Germans clubbed six million Jews to death and the Swiss stood by and pulled their gold teeth out. That's the way they got so rich."  Well, if this story had any truth these gentlemen must have had a mighty lot of gold in their mouths...

So, what's the score with Freedom of the Press?

Freedom of the press is a very cunning trick, my friends, a very cunning trick. Freedom of the press in reality means the press can do whatever they want and they are responsible to no one except the person who pays their salaries. That's about the truth of the matter. A long time ago it was different, let's say in the eighteenth and partly in the nineteenth century. Naturally, then the state decided what the press could write. True, that wasn't free in the sense of these media barons. But it served the people and it served the state. On the other hand in the nineteenth century this so-called freedom of the press idea came into being. Now the press could suddenly churn all manner of rubbish about its own people and government. We have now got to the point where all politicians the world over tremble in fear of the media. It's similar to education, isn't it? There's a saying among us teachers, "Earlier the school children were scarred of the teachers and that wasn't particularly good; now the teachers are scarred of the children and that's a lot worse." Thus, earlier the press were afraid of the state; now the politicians are afraid of the media.

We can therefore say, with freedom of the press the media gained the liberty to malign us, to manipulate us and no one can do anything about it anymore. An ex-member of the Federal Council, Herr Schöbeler once said about two years ago regarding the freedom of the media and unfair reporting, "Yes, that's the freedom of the fox in the chicken-run."  You could say, "We shouldn't interfere with the fox when he's in the chicken-run, after all everyone should be free."  Then he kills one hen after the other. My good friends, we are the chickens who are being done in day in, day out by the press without us even noticing it. The media are trimming away at our freedom, they don't permit us to say what needs to be said. Instead they say the opposite to that what needs saying. They are mainly responsible for making the people what they are today, a confused, lame-arsed bunch. Once a Swiss politician also noticed this. I mean, there are a few who do notice things. One of the brightest is this respect was the SVP member of the national council from Canton Aargau, Mr. Luzie Stamm. He has written a book about this which is worth reading. Anyone who wants to read up about the subject: media and Swiss politics should read the book by Luzie Stamm, "Who holds power in Berne?" It makes relative easy reading. I can recommend it to anyone who wants to read up on this. Well, the result of his book is that an official, well-established SVP member of parliament says, the power in Berne is held in the hands of the media. Note: not a right-wing extremist. It's not only Schaub who says that, is it? But read it first – actually you don't need to read it. You can see it every day what's going on. You can see it outside this Gasthof how things stand in Switzerland. However, the point is - even officially appointed politicians are saying that there is a power within the state which in fact is subjugating the state's authority. Members of the upper house tremble in fear of the "Blick" (a daily national newspaper on the lines of The Mirror) or the Swiss television. Do you know? Over the years I have got to know some of these journalists, these reporters. Recently, I had talks with them. For many years I have avoided talking to the media, even refused talking to them. You know these people are professional liars. They worm their way in showing sympathy for your issues. And when you begin to trust them they get you to tell your story, to spill the beans and then they go off and write their story — a load of lies and half-truths about you. That's the way that works.

Therefore, you must be very careful how you deal with the media. Basically, the best way to get along well with these people is not to have anything to do with them at all - to show them the cold shoulder. At best, if there is a need for it, it is OK for those responsible in the party to give out a political message to the media. We have done that recently at PNOS and might well do so again in future. In such a case it is possible to use the media. Sometimes it is better that the general public hear anything at all. Even when the message which is put over has a lot of negative spin on it, that can be better than no message at all. Therefore, in the near future the media will show an interview where some of your PNOS colleagues and myself will appear of the telly. The intended effect of this is merely to make us known to the general public, even if it does look very much to our disadvantage. Basically, the hidden message is this - that there are still some patriots out there, who are fighting for the cause, not just these want-to-be types like in the SVP leadership or the disheartened bunch of Swiss Democrats. I don't want to say anything much against the Swiss Democrats – we're in alliance with them but they haven't exactly done much lately. There really is a need for a new force in Switzerland to bring about change.

One thing we must remember regarding the media when they prattle on about freedom of speech, free reporting etc. You didn't vote for these people. None of these guys sitting in their editorial offices, who subject us to a constant stream of information, has been elected by anyone. We don't even know who they are. We might read a name. But we don't know if the name is real or a sort of pen-name, i.e. a pseudonym. But when one of them asks, "Yes, where do you live, can I have your telephone number?" then without even batting an eyelid I write my private address out. When one of these people gives you his card then some editorial office and some official telephone number is written on it but you never have an idea where the fellow lives. The same thing is true of readers' letters in newspapers. These journalists and editors can write long smear articles but are never answerable for what they write. But if I write a reader's letter it will only be published if under the letter Fritz Müller, Hintertüziger appears. That's got to be there so that anyone can look up in three seconds in TwixTel who he is and where he lives. That's where they can come and fetch him if needed or if the need arises to have a nice swastika sprayed onto his front door. As if Antifa (ANL) were being directly informed. That's the waythat works.

You know, it's so insincere and unjust that the only comment to be made is, it's a pig sty and it's got to be cleared out. I'll tell you a couple of things that that are needed to clear this mess up. I could go on for hours so instead I will mention only a couple of the important items. I've got a sheet written out with a list of points for our new programme. You could put it under you pillow or hand it on the wall. In very brief form it's a programme what a nation state of the people would look like. What conditions are required to be met? One of the most important things is the definition: A Nation State is the embodiment of the political will and consciousness of a people. That means, in Switzerland, the Swiss State must therefore be the embodiment of the political will and consciousness of the Swiss people and not of anyone else – not of some international community of states nor some human rights groups and this and that and blah, blah. No, it must be the embodiment of the political will of the people and those people who are Swiss by descent and have Swiss convictions. It therefore follows that only those people can be true nationals who belong by descent or who, this can be defined, are of kindred European ethnic descent, i.e. our neighbours, for instance, there would be nothing against someone who comes from Lörrach (neighbouring town in South Germany) and has lived here for a couple of years from getting a Swiss passport. Someone who is wanting to immigrate out of Guinea or the Congo, nothing against him – he is also a human being – but you can never make a Swiss person out of such an immigrant. It will never work. You even see that under closely related people's who come here maybe are first or second generation – when there's a football match, let's say Switzerland versus Spain or something, then the Spanish person of the second generation, who speaks perfect Swiss-German dialect, suddenly holds high the Spanish flag in the stadium. I have nothing against that but it clearly shows he doesn't think of feel himself to be Swiss.

To repeat:

One can only be a national if one has the same ancestry or has closely related ethnic ancestry. All others are guests and are subject to the laws for foreigners. In addition, and quite the opposite to what the Social Democratic Party say: Switzerland is not an immigration county. No, Switzerland must in future be a repatriation country. We must ask these people, who have made themselves at home here, who have come not only as asylum swindlers and criminal tourists but simply as economic profiteers, to slowly start returning to their homelands. And if they do not wish to go voluntarily we will give them a little help.

Second point:

We will not tolerate being gagged. We cannot permit that it is forbidden for the Swiss people to open their mouths when they are plagued by strangers. This so-called anti-racism law, this article 261bis is a disgrace for Switzerland. One could object, the Swiss people have accepted it themselves in a referendum therefore it is democratic. But you've got to remember what I said earlier about democracy that the Swiss people are good natured without end. You couldn't do this sort of thing with Italians nor with many other countries either. But the Swiss and the Germans are extremely good natured, almost a weak side of our character. We are so good natured that we gag our own mouths. However, that also had something to do with the media, the government as well as the parliament in the run-up to the referendum. The referendum only came into being because the government tried to slip it past without putting it to the electorate. Signatures had to be collected to force parliament to run a referendum. In the run-up time just before the referendum the country was methodically bombarded with all sorts of stories of what would happen if the law was not passed. The Swiss people said to each other, "Well I suppose we must vote yes then, mussn't we?" And do you know what happened then? Absolutely wonderful timing! About two or three weeks before the referendum the Jewish cemetery in Zurich was desecrated. Jewish cemeteries have never been desecrated in Switzerland before this but spot on time just before this referendum it happened. And an old Jewess claims to have seen how two young blond boys were hurling the grave stones over. Naturally blond, they had to be blond. Yes, Arians – the very quintessence of evil. We'll have to have that done away with quickly, they must have been saying to themselves. We have two blond nazis who pushed over the headstones of the poor, poor Jews. I won't say anything more about who really pushed those stones over. But you can be certain that I have my own ideas who it could have been who just three weeks before the referendum flattens Jewish grave stones so that all the dear old social nannies and do-gooders can all run along and put their yes votes in the ballot box.

The second dangerous enemy of the people to be mentioned in addition to the media is the party political system. Now, it might seem a little strange that we here are holding a political party event and I am here criticizing about parties. But naturally, you are all aware that the PNOS is a party opposed to other parties and not a party among other parties. No, that we definitely are not. We are more a movement but one which, because we are playing in this arena, has to organise itself as a party. What we want to become eventually is a people's movement. For we naturally realise it is the party system together with the media that is oppressing us. Consider for instance, it is said that in a democracy the judges are independent. A nice thought quite apart from the fact that this is simply unworkable. In every state there can only be courts, that decide in favour of the state - otherwise the system would simply disband itself. But that is another issue. Let us just consider the issue of political parties. Why is it a judge only obtains his post on the basis of his party standing? Why do I read now that Mr Heinz Vischer from the SP or the FDP has become a judge? What has a judge got to do with a party? In law practice we would call this being biased. If I, for instance, as a so-called 'right-wing radical' was hauled before a judge, who was with the Socialists, then I can prepare myself for the worst. In advance, you know that he is biased and therefore is certainly not independent.

We don't need parties...we need real representative bodies. We need for instance associations for farmers, for doctors, for teachers and for engineers and we need people from the metal industry, and we need forestry people etc. and from all trades and professions. [Calls from the audience] Yes, and from the building trades, carpenters, masons – naturally. What’s needed are trade and professional groups, proper representative bodies -- not just some odd entity which calls itself a ‘political party’ where no one knows exactly what it really is. For instance, if I have some dealings with a trade or professional association then I know, they want this and they want that and everything is clear and logical. He is a farmer and is clearly concerned with agricultural issues, and he is a doctor and that he is concerned with medicine is also clear. He is competent to represent his issues and I, for my part, know who I’m talking to. We don’t need parties, we need trade and professional groups. Then everyone will know who they are dealing with. Regarding cultural organisations like the church and religious organisations - these must also able to articulate themselves so that you will always know which way the wind is blowing. But this is not the case today with political parties and the media, where you never know where the wind is coming from.

Then there's another important matter that I can only touch very briefly which would otherwise be a subject for a complete talk. That is the subject:

Priority of Politics over Economics

Today commerce dictates the world. Who do you think it is that really wants globalisation? Definitely not the man in the street. It's commerce and industry that wants globalisation - as well as the banks. It's certainly not little businesses, not the plumber, not the local shop, nor the baker. It's the major banks and the multinational, anonymous concerns. No one has an idea who really owns them or where the profits are finally going to. These people are the ones who want globalisation. They dictate to the governments what's to be done. What do you think is being discussed at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland? In plain English this is where big business dictates the direction and the timetable to the politicians. And the politicians listen well because they are only the puppets of the industry and banks. And what happens to the politician when he goes into retirement? Then he gets a super pension. And if he has made big mistakes or even betrayed and deceived his people? That doesn't matter at all because a politician carries no responsibility. They do not have to accept the blame for their actions.

While on the subject of State and Economy it may be worth mentioning that the economy is based on a system of credit and interest. That is, all of us are paying interest on everything. For every bread roll we buy half of the price is interest. One day I might demonstrate to you how that operates. Why do we have a National Bank which in reality is not a National Bank? Why is it a private company? What does the National Bank do with the money it produces? They sit at the printing press with hundred and thousand franc notes dropping out at the other end. Instead of letting us go stand there holding our cap out to fill it up the big banks get this money at very low interest rates and lend it to us at a much higher rate. That's how that works. That means the National Bank in reality is an institute for maximising the profits of major banks. That is absolutely catastrophic. It's the biggest swindle of all times. One could talk about this for a long time. For the moment I only have time to mention it briefly.

Land ownership

Another subject is the issue of land ownership. At present this allows a speculator to sit on a plot of land and to wait until its value has climbed astronomically. Land speculation has enabled enormous profits to be made with the land of our country. In Switzerland in the last thirty years land of about the size of the Canton of Thurgau has been built over, concreted over. Can you imagine it? The whole of the Canton Thurgau one vast area of concrete and asphalt. That's the scale of new building works over the last three decades. That is an absolute disaster not only because of nature conservation, but because good arable land is being lost. Imagine Switzerland had about three million inhabitants during World War Two. Today, if you believe statistics, it is about seven truth eight or nine million and they are meant to be fed from land which has reduced in size by an area as large as the Canton Thurgau. This is not glaciers we are talking about but fertile land. Do you realise we can be blackmailed from one day to another. If Switzerland stopped kowtowing, if Switzerland decided to say: "Look here Mr George W. Bush, you can kiss us where the sun doesn't shine."  Then he would reply to us: "Oh yes, dear Swiss people, unfortunately I cannot continue supplying Switzerland with wheat anymore". Do you realise, even when I buy my Porridge Oats for my breakfast muesli, yes I eat muesli for breakfast. If I just have my morning muesli – when I buy them in a health shop then I think to myself I'm getting real Swiss oat flakes. Earlier, when I was in the train (Army's supply line divisions) we even fed Swiss oats to the horses - some 25 years ago now. Nowadays the oats for the zoo come from America and even Australia. I mean, just grasp that, from Australia? That means as far as providing the basics of living are concerned we can be blackmailed from one day to the next. Our government couldn't do anything about it even if they wanted to — naturally they don't want to.

So, in the future politics must have priority over economics.

Then, a further subject. I can only touch it fleetingly so as not to go on forever.

Gun Laws

We have it relatively good in Switzerland. But did you notice how the recent incident in Zug (in which someone burst into the local parliament assembly and started shooting everything that moved) was immediately utilized by the respective authorities to say: "Aha! Now you see, that's what comes from allowing the Swiss to keep their combat rifles at home in the bedroom". Truth be told it has absolutely nothing to do with this. The man just happened to be a madman who went on a shooting spree and secondly he was furious about something for a very special reason. Yes, so gun laws are needed. Clearly, there should be a liberal gun law for all right-minded Swiss nationals that's clear isn't it? But there should be a law forbidding all foreigners and people with criminal records from being allowed to buy guns. If someone really has been criminally active or has done a job or two then there is no need to force a gun into his hands. In any case foreigners definitely not. What does a foreigner need to have a shooting-iron for in Switzerland. We are the citizens here, we carry the guns.

Criminal law

Then there's something else and here we are all sure to be in agreement on this one. The criminal law that we have in this country is ludicrous. Many, in particular, most foreigners in this country are criminal tourists who do not consider it so bad to do a stretch in clink. A normal European from western Europe is ashamed if he has to go to prison. He doesn't like that at all. It is more than loss of freedom it is also a disgrace to have to go to prison. But in this country it's already virtually no disgrace any more to appear in court...but usually someone here feels ashamed. But the people coming here now to skim off the cream, swindle us, deal in drugs and break into our houses and worse – they quite enjoy six months or a year comfortable in jail – put their feet up, watch television and be well fed and housed. A place in prison costs, if I am correct, what is it 100 Swiss francs a day [someone calls from the audience Fr. 230 per day]. So, Fr. 230 a day. That's approximately the same as a stay in hospital costs. That is massive and we have to pay that, what dumb idiots we are?

So, it's also quite clear the criminal law must be tightened up immediately. At he least, those who serve time here should be required to work for the good of the community where the committed their offence. That's clear — in plain English it's called "labour camps".

So let's continue dear friends:

We, the Swiss are dying out.

It is so. The question is what are we going to do about it. Even the politicians know this. In Berlin before that faggot, who has now become Minister of the Interior (Home Secretary [Brit.]; Secretary of the Interior [Amer.]), we had Eberhard Diepgen from the CDU (Christian Democratic Union). Just before he was voted out of office he said, "Yes, we have too few offspring in Berlin. We must do something about it."  Now, what would a normal person say when there were not enough children being born – of course, take measures to promote and assist young families — to see that mothers can have children without suffering want and deprivation, that the earnings of one normal wage-earning parent are adequate to bring up a family, that the mother does not need to do part-time work to make ends meet or decide for that reason to have fewer or no children at all. That's what should be done. But what did Diepgen do. He is apparently is not a normal person, he said that he is considering putting forward a motion to Federal Government that by the end of... I'm not sure now what it was, 2010 or so, promote the immigration of 200,000 foreigners to Berlin. And I want you to think about where these foreigners would come from – not from the Principality of Liechtenstein or from Greater Basel, more probably from Smaller Basel (Basel is divided into two by the Rhine and foreigners live mostly in Smaller Basel). Yes, naturally the majority of these 200,000 foreigners, who would come to Berlin, would come from somewhere outside of Europe or from the lower right-hand corner or Europe. That's where they would come from. Yes, and it already beginning to look this way in Berlin now. Just imagine this, I recently read that Berlin has 100,000 foreigners..[calls from the audience].., no, no wait for it, many more, ....there are 100,000 foreigners in Berlin, who officially don't exist. Who are not allowed to be there but funnily enough are statistically recorded. It's known how many are there but who are not legally there. This means, you can't deport them but, no — but they are counted all the same. I mean, that's really great, what do they live from anyway? The question is, what would I live from when I'm in a country where I am not allowed to be? A part of these people live from work done on the side, and that is the best of the best case, isn't it? The second part lives from crime, that is half way sort of least they are supporting themselves. But the third portion lives directly from social aid. They are not allowed to be there but they are getting social aid from the City of Berlin. Do you know how much that makes in one year? 400 million Marks is paid out by Berlin for social aid to people, who are not permitted to be there...and that's in addition to the social aid which is otherwise paid out. These is an absolutely sick state of affairs. Such a thing just can't be permitted, can it? Instead of this we must assist young families on the basis: Germany is a country for Germans, Switzerland is a country for the Swiss and we want it to stay that way. Thus, if there are not enough children being born we must see to it by financial and by other means that young families can bring up two, three or four kids without getting into difficulties and without feeling that they are missing out. That is the normal way and that is the route we want to take.

But even this is criticised by the politicians and the people from the media who are possibly still waiting for us outside. In our party manifesto, for example, we have the following sentence, this very evil sentence: "The Family is the foundation for the biological heritage."  My God! Is that something bad? But actually this only means children come from their parents. If this is criticised, then one day a grandma who bends over a pram (baby carriage) and says: "My! the spitting image of the father" in future will find herself hauled into court charged with being racist. That would be the consequence. No, naturally..... (A member of the audience says: That will come.) Yes, that may also come, unless of course the father is a Negro – then it will be ok.

Dear Friends, I'm coming to the conclusion.

We don't have much more time to loose. As I said at he start – the others are getting ready to bind the sack tight in which we now find ourselves. Soon we will be sitting in a very, very small prison. We, as Swiss citizens in our own country are practically being held as prisoners. Our mouths are gagged tight while the others are making themselves at home here, spreading themselves out and getting cheekier and cheekier. To an ever increasing extent here in Switzerland, and for a long time in Germany, we are experiencing what can only be called the persecution of patriots. It has nothing to do with right-wing extremists. What is extreme right anyway? As I said earlier we are not extreme – we are actually the normal folks. We are talking about the persecution of patriots. What they appear to want is for the different peoples of the world to cease to exist. They should no longer stand there as strong, self-confident nations, but rather be levelled out, as if a razor blade were being swept through the world cutting off any heads that stick up too far. What they want are soulless people, people who have no civil courage, who don't dare to stand up for the rights of their own people.

Moreover, and even worse than the persecution of patriots, we have the constant influx of culturally-different strangers. I have nothing against any particular individuals, I mean they are simply drawn by our social system and by our politicians like moths to a candle — they simply come. But if they are not stopped in a sensible timeframe then we will become the minority in own country as can be predicted and has been demonstrated by statistical analysis. We Swiss will become a minority, we will be forced into becoming extinct. It could well be that in thirty, forty or fifty years we will be displayed as stuffed specimens wearing Appenzeller costumes in the Ballenberg open-air museum and gawked at as the last Swiss. Not so?

The extent to which this has already progressed can be seen by what happened recently. A group of Swiss recruits are on a one-day pass, you have heard about it I'm sure. These recruits on leave are provoked by a group of Turks and get involved in a brawl. And who's is to blame? If you believe the media it's the Swiss recruits. Yes, they are portrayed as the niggers in the wood pile. However, the best is this! How did the recruiting school commanders order the recruits to behave in future? "When you get involved in arguments with foreigners while you are on leave you should behave 'defensiv'. A foreign word for the Swiss originating from the Latin. In plain English that means "watch out and run". If someone hits me and I act defensively that means I protect myself and get going at the first opportunity.

Dear friends, where in the world have you heard of something like that. That troop commanders order their own soldiers to retreat, and that from an enemy within their own country.

My friends, this present system has played itself out, it has no right to exist any more. It is time to win back our country.

Thank you.