The Battle For Evermore
             by  Dietrich " Sepp" Eicke

Across the deserts
Through time,
Riding on the wind.
Passing through the Ages
The concept of Time
Something to strive for,
If it means through the protection
due to war.
Souls lost
On and on
We strive for Evermore
The future of Nevermore.

We pass through the forgotten
Graveyards of Time.
Soldiers fought wars to save us
From the Evil and Darkness of Death.

Destruction calls
Truth falls
Chaos hails
Death prevails if We don't fight
To save Evermore.

The strength of forever
If we don't...
Evermore will become Nevermore,
We die
They die
The dream will die.

Thoughts change us
Emotions provoke us
We need us.

Evermore teaches us...
Odin, The All Father
Trust in him
And We will save Evermore.

Gather your Armies now
Sharpen your swords
Tighten your bows
Say goodbye to your kinfolk
Off to war we go
To save Evermore.

The flight of Time
Is in our hands
We travel across the Forgotten Lands
Over the Frozen Plains.
Drinking the goodness of Truth
To strengthen Our veins.

Our bodies Iron Clad
We give strength to those
Who think it is the
The End.

We reach The Plain
Were from Time Immemorial
Battles for Time raged before.
This is the Last that will raged
On this day.
For the time has come
Where today we battle to the last
If need be to ....
To save Evermore.

Our enemies come forth
To meet us on the Plain

We strike fear into the hearts
Of the Evil Ones.
We show no fear
Only Hate.
Our Brothers died before us
And now this must stop.
It is too late to turn back
With a Lightning Crack....

The Mighty Ones met the Evil
With a clash
Rain thundered down on the Plain
As the Battle raged.
Cutting and groaning
Shouting and the sound of Death
Could be heard through the Valleys
Beyond the Plain.

Odin looked on
With Admiration
As the Battle raged
The Battle for Evermore
Was won.
The Evil backed off
And sunk into the pit
From which it came
Never to return again
Onto the Plains of Evermore.

Surrender and Defeat
The Battle complete