Angel in Mourning
Sweet blue eyes in darkness dawning
Under a black vale
Black sun rises every morning
Darkness never fails

Fine ye naught shelter in this reign of sorrows
Nor in the blinding Whyte sweltering sun
Sorrow and despair builds your entombment
Its seems that all is done.

Yet I walk freely in the Stygrian darkness
And fly in the blazing sun
I embrace both joy and sadness
And know that they are one

Feast upon the darkest shadows
And frolic in the burning light
live and fight now and forever
by both day and night

I will guide you to this freedom
And burn alive the past
Let me once now and always
Free you from this lash

You deserve so much better
Joy by day and night
Live this life to the fullest
Embracing both darkness and light

By Diabloblanco92