Brothers Will Struggle and Slaughter Each other.
And Sistersí sons Spoil Kinship Bonds!
Itís hard on Earth - Great Whoredom.
Axe Age, Blade Age, shields are split.
Wind Age, Wolf age, Before the World Crumbles;


Ragnarok is upon us! Mimer we seek your wisdom!
For the Midgard Serpent has come ashore to battle with Thor!
And Naglafar has set sail!

We hail the Holy Aesir and Vanir!
We hail the Holy Asynjur and Vanior!
We hail the mighty Gods, who guild the way,
That our path be lightened in this age of darkness!
And those who would bring a new order and a new age!

Hail Vidar! Silent one! Wide Ruler! Wood God and Forest Born!
Destroyer of the Fenris Wolf! The spirit of your father passes onto
you, and the cycle of life begins once more.
Hail son of Grid, survivor of this darkness!

Odin is Born Again!

The cycle is unbroken.
Joyful are we, and Victorious in our knowledge!

Hail Heimdall!
Hail sons and daughters of Heimdall, who have answered the call of Gjallarhorn!
Our place is across the Rainbow Bridge!
As we gather this icy night, across Midgard bold, we have answered the call of the blood.

We fight the Good Fight!!!

To Magni, and Modi we boast!
Take now, Miollnir and forge this new legacy!
Our new home at Gimli awaits!

Baldur, you will once more be united with your kin!
With Hodr, your brother!
And balance returned.
Light for Dark! For Tyr, the smiths have fashioned a new hand!
Hail Tyr, sky father!

Lif and Lifthasir, take shelter in Yggdrasil, and you will see a new sun burn.
Arise from the waters of life fair and green! Hail the coming Golden Age.

Hail the Golden Dawn!

Victory or Valhalla!