The first Rupert Bear cartoon appeared on 8th, November, 1920. British visitors to this site will be familiar with Rupert and his adventures as the cartoon continues in the Daily Express to this day.

Aryan Unity has been donated a copy of a Rupert annual published in 1954 (they usually roll off the presses around August/September each year for Christmas). Each Rupert annual comprises of five or six illustrated stories averaging around 20 pages each. As the edition we have was written before the 'politically correct' lobby clamped down on the stories as with everything else, one story titled 'Rupert and the Castaway' features gollywog style characters referred to as 'coons' and 'darkies' who cannot speak English and live in mud huts on 'Coon Island'.

We ask the question: Is Rupert a Racist? Judging by the characters and much of the speech, then Rupert books of that period are, to today's liberal lobby, exceptionally racist but we'll let you make up your own minds.

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Racist Rupert