Six principles of

2nd Edition 1970 (1st Edition 1966)


When John Tyndall wrote this pamphlet which is now a part of the Aryan Unity archive, things in the United Kingdom were looking bad for Britain: The "Six Principles" were penned in the 1960's at a time when Britain's fate looked gloomy, but it was hard to foresee just how grim things were going to get. Over thirty years on few could have imagined the hell we are now being forced to endure.

The pamphlet ran to two editions and was well received by White Nationalists throughout the UK and beyond. Today we are faced with an even greater multi-racial mess and with stricter laws and oppression by the State against White Nationalists being very much the order of the day.

We are archiving this pamphlet which although somewhat outdated, still contains the seeds which contain the roots of our basic ideology.

We would like to thank Mr Tyndall for his kind permission for us to reproduce Six Principles of British Nationalism here.


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 Nationalism - Policy and Faith
 Britain as a World Power
 Economic Nationalism
 Preserving the British
 Duties of Government
 Regeneration Within

 The Author
 Postscript to 1st Edition