The Author

Born Exeter, 1934. Educated Beckenham Grammar School. Played cricket (School 1st XI and Kent trialist), rugby and soccer (Kent Minor XI). Served in Royal Horse Artillery 1952-54. Began political study and activity soon after leaving forces but did not join any of the older political parties, being convinced that none of them offered the right solutions to Britain's problems. Was active in a number of patriotic and Nationalist groups before founding the Greater Britain Movement in 1964 and his own publishing company. Albion Press, and the magazine Spearhead at the same time. Disbanded GBM in 1967 and with his colleagues joined the National Front. Now a member of the NF National Directorate he continues to publish and edit Spearhead, which appears monthly as a journal of political comment closely supporting the NF. Hobbies: reading, sport arid music.

NB - Since this article was uploaded to the web, John Tyndall died in July 2005. 

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